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  1. I'm taking lessons with Dave Viklund now, and was back a few years ago before we took a hiatus from herding. I think he's great - super low key, easy going guy. The only potential problem is that he can be pretty booked up and difficult to schedule time for lessons.
  2. Yep, Brigands Hideout. This was during the Northwest Belgian Sheepdog Club's fundraiser.
  3. I hadn't done any herding with Grace, my border collie, for a few years when I saw the announcement for a herding instinct test at a local venue. I know that she doesn't need her instinct tested, but I thought it would be fun to show up and get her a bit of sheep time while I was trying to arrange training with my old instructor. Bonus - they took video of all the runs, and pretty decent video at that. I think she's ready to get back in to it:
  4. Here are a couple of the height dogs on my team, the X-Fidos (http://www.x-fidos.org/)... Eli, a somewhat large but really cool pap: Speedy the chihuahua mix: Kodi the pomeranian: They all use either the medium (smaller than standard) or really small sized tennis balls. Edit! Can't leave out Nigel, our three-legged border collie/spaniel mix flyball dog, who is also an all-star therapy dog:
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