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  1. Hi Kim, I was reading your post on ODVD and I too have an almost 15 year old female BC that has had this same situation. She first experienced it in Oct 08 and then again this past Nov.09. The vet put her on a medicine called Meclazine, it is basically for sea sickness. She was on this med 3 times daily for about 3 to 4 weeks. The first year it hit her it scared us to death, we thought she had a stroke, took her in and sure enough, thank goodness it turned out to be ODVD. It was especially hard on her this past year due to her knees and hips being a year older and more arthritic, but she is a fighter and is miraculously still here and doing pretty well. I would maybe question your vet about the steroids, I think I read on one of the "Vestibular" sites that steroids were NOT a good thing to take with this disease. Please hang in there with her, it takes a few weeks to get through for the dogs, it is so hard to see them go through this. Good luck to you and please keep us posted, Nikki I also wanted to add that the first year it hit her she was on 25mg of the Mclazine 3 times daily, but this past year for her second episode of ODVD she was put on 50mg 3 times daily. Also, she had a huge disadvantage with her seasickness because she only has one eye, so her balance was really off. If you would like you can contact me privately, I would be happy to talk with you, Nikki
  2. Very good, I am so glad that you knowledge people got thru to him, keep up the good work! Thankyou, Nikki
  3. I am very upset with what I have been reading and yes, I did watch your you tube video. When that cute little puppy of yours left the rabbits alone and went and sat down to watch them, that is when I would have clicked and treated like crazy, to let him know that that was the RIGHT thing to do, NOT CHASE those poor innocent bunnies that do not deserve to have a panic attack and die on the spot! What a cruel thing for you to think is funny! Maybe before all these wonderful and highly experienced people on this board pointed out to you that what you thought was really awsome and cute, IS NOT, I could give you the benefit of doubt, BUT, now that you know what these people are trying to tell you, and by the way, THEY ARE CORRECT, please listen to them! Shame on you, being an adult, if you don't take their EXCELLENT advice!
  4. I spelled Vestibular incorrectly, sorry. Maggies symptoms were: she could not walk without splatting , she was very disoriented and tilted her head and body to the right. I could have sworn that she had had a stroke, thank goodness it wasn't. The cause for Maggie was her middle ear, the little hairs or something to that effect. She has been perfect since.
  5. I am wonering if it may be "old dog" Vestibulat Disease? My almost 14 year old BC, Maggie, had this last November. It sounds like the identical symptoms. The vet gave her non drowsy "seasick" pills that I gave her two or three times a day for 2 weeks and that was it for that episode, they say that it most likely will not happen again to her. I hope your dog is OK, please let us know
  6. Hi ooky, I am so sorry, but I did not get your PM? Did you mean IM? I usually do not stay on the computer for long periods of time, so I must have missed you. I would love to talk with you though. Would you like to give me a call, I can give you my phone #, let me know
  7. I too have a BC that has had OCD surgery in the past, to be exact, when he was 8 months old. He is now going to be 5 in January. We do agility with him, I have him on a supplement called Trixsyn, it is a hyralonic acid, seems to keep him "together". Can I ask you what breeder your BC came from? Good luck with your boys recovery, he should be just fine as long as you take his rehab seriously and be consistent.
  8. Thankyou all very much, I really appreciate all your help
  9. Hi, I was hoping that someone here would know of any Corgi Forums that I could go to? Thankyou in advance for any info
  10. Hi, I have had very good results with a product called InflamAway Plus, it has MSM and Chondroitin in it as well. I have been giving it to my 13 year old BC for about 4 weeks or so and I do see a difference in her pain and stiffness. She has both front and back end arthritis. I do also give her a double dose. You can purchase it at any pet supply stores, good luck
  11. I have been giving my 13 year old BC InflamAway Plus, it has MSM and Chondroitin, for the past 4 weeks or so and I do see a difference in her pain and stiffness due to arthritis in her hind and front ends. You can get it at the pet supply stores
  12. I would also suggest the Greg Derret DVDs, esp the first one, it teaches alot of foundation and shadow handling, which is a really good way to teach the dog without any agility obstacles. I am sure you can get these from Clean Run.
  13. I am so sorry, I think that I hit a wrong button. I will try again to say what I wrote. I totally agree 100 percent on what RDM has to say on this case. I had an extremely fear aggressive cattle dog years ago that I tried my hardest to rehab. I tried for 8 long months. Unfortunatly this case was far beyond my knowledge and I made the decision to turn him over to a much more qualified person, who did help him to overcome most of his issues. I guess what I want to say is, you need to ask yourself at some point, "am I helping or hindering this animal"? I certainly can not comment on this person or case because I do not know them. I am sure though that this would certainly NOT be the way to deal with a fear aggressive dog, just my experience and opinion, of course.
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