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  1. Well. I sort of got a kick in the face last night. Not literally, but thats what it feels like. Before I dive into the meaning behind my post, let me give you a little background on my living situation. I live in the finished basement apartment of a house. I moved here with Pi and Raven, back in Oct. The landlord/owner of the house has been a good friend of mine for about 5 years now. His wife also lives here, and I suppose would be considered my other landlord...but we don't talk much, and anything that has to do with rent etc. goes through my friend. They have two dogs. A couple times in the past, particularily when Pi would have a typical spell of the runs due to her eating something she shouldn't have been eating while I was glancing the other way--always had to watch her like a hawk!--Pi would have an accident while I was out. Now, since the house is ventilated from bottom to top--I assume, seeing all the equiptment down here--the smell of poo would reach the whole house. Once Jeral took care of it for me, for which I thanked him profusely. The second time I was called and came home and went to great lengths--$40 in candles, smell-goods and other smell-banishers--to eliminate the smell, while cleaning up. I tell you this, because its the only thing I can think of that explains some of what I'm about to tell you... My friends been away on business for a week. He got home tonight, but I haven't talked to him yet. I assume he's recovering from his trip. But from what I've mentioned before, they both knew my intentions of getting another dog sometime soon. His wife came down last night,and asked if he'd spoken to me recently. I said no, I hadn't heard from him since he left. She then flat out told me--as best as I can describe word-for-word--"Well, I was hoping he might speak to you. After losing three dogs, we really just don't want you to have any more animals down here. Your cat is fine. But no more." No other reasons given other than I lost my three dogs, so they don't think I should have anymore. Of course, I should have asked...but, I didn't think it would get me anywhere for one, and I'm not very accustomed/comfortable/used to speaking with her. They were fine with me moving in with two. And when I got Katy, they even encouraged me to keep her. Right now, with what has been layed out for me as why I am not allowed to have another dog, I feel as if I'm getting blamed for losing my three dogs...and they don't feel I'm responsible enough to care for any more. There may be more to it than that, which is why I listed the thing about Pi and her accidents, because I know that irritated his wife a lot to come home and the house would smell like poo. But they're loving dog-owners, too. And those were days where I didn't know Pi's tummy was upset until mistakes were made. Also, my dogs never tore anything up or ruined anything down here. I know I need to talk with my friend, which will probably make me understand a little more about the reasoning behind this...but now I just feel hurt, and numb at the fact that my chances of getting another dog just got blown out the window. I never expected them to have a problem with me aquiring another dog. Like I said, I'd mentioned it before. So what would you do? I've thought of reasoning with my friend, asking him why they don't think I should not have another dog, if there is anything I can do to change their minds on the matter. I've considered moving. I've got opportunities to move in with friends of mine who own dogs themselves, and who are welcome to the idea of other dogs coming to live with them. I'm not in school this semester, but I will be next semester, and a move could also bring me closer to campus. (Within walking distance.) I'd be paying the same price as I am now. The only thing I'd have to contend with would be roommates, really...(You can tell I've been turning this over in my head rather seriously for the past 24 hours.) Or is there something I just haven't thought of yet? I want a dog. My life was always happier with my dogs in it. I miss going to the park to play frisbee, work with my dogs, and enjoy the day with all the other dog owners. Though I go from time to time to read now, the one thing keeping my chin up when I'd encounter old friends--both human and canine--was that I'd be out there in no time with another BC in my life. I'm not trying to sound like some whiney little child who *wants*wants*wants*...but I honestly feel that I need a dog in my life. Especially after what happened. There is just an emotional pit there...one I'm aching to fill. One I feel I am ready to fill. ...Or was ready. Would any of you move, just so you could have a dog? How on earth would I go about laying this all out infront of my friend? Whose wife seems to have had the final say, even if he wouldn't approach me about it... I don't want it to seem like I've gone behind her back. I already get the feeling, more often than not, that she doesn't really like me... So what would you do?
  2. One of the best methods I have heard so far, is to pack your dog's dinner in a baggie, and leash them up, and go for a walk. When you get to the sidewalk, stop. Wait. You dog will be sniffing, exploring, but the moment he sits calmly by your side...praise profusely, give him a few pieces of kibble. Then take a step, stop again....wait for him to sit. Give him kibble. Then, work this up to two steps. Three steps. Twenty steps. And so on. This not only teaches your dog to be focused on you, but when you stop, they sit, and look at you.
  3. Yeah, it would be a *great* opportunity for my puppy to meet all sorts of people. I'm also fortunate enough to be allowed to take my dog to work with me...so the amount of people exposure and the exposure to new situations that I can provide is just great for a new puppy, should I decide to get one. Like I said, we'll see. I have a whole week to make up my mind...
  4. The only thing keeping me from putting money down on this puppy, is my schedule in the next several months. I've plans to go places, festivals, events and the like, that last 5-7 days at a time. And while these festivals only occur only about once every month, and most of them are perfectly dog-friendly, and I know from the experience of raising Pi that it is entirely possible to attend these and take along a puppy... I am also familiar with the strain that carting a puppy to these events can cause. My schedule there is restricted, I'm very distracted by the demands of a puppy, and training a young puppy on things such as not to jump up, don't nip, no tugging, etc...is a *lot* harder when you've got a dozen people scrambling around her to pet her without giving a lick about such manners because it isn't *their* dog that they're trying to teach good lessons to. LoL. Now, I'm certainly *not* saying that I wouldn't be willing to go through all this again. I did it all with Pi...and I might add that though it did considerable damage to her manners in most respects, it was *worth* having her there with me, and going through all the trouble so I wouldn't have to board her or leave her with some doting family member. I loved my dogs, and one thing I loved about them most was that they did go everywhere with me. (Gives me plenty of opportunity to *brag*! ) So if I do decide on little Might, everything in my power will be done to ensure she gets just the sort of home, love, and training she needs. But I am saying, that having been through it once before, I'm thinking twice before going through it again. I'm not trying to be selfish, and I'm afraid that it looks that way with me blathering on about my schedule being disrupted and all that. But I really did *love* raising my puppy Pi. Every nussiance, every trouble, every accident and every annoyance was worth every inch of her. And raising/training a puppy I find to be so VERY rewarding. But I am considering all factors, and coming to realize that this year, like last year, may not be the optimal time to get a puppy. (I just didn't really listen to myself last year! )..and wound up with my beloved Pi, in a studio apartment in downtown Louisville, in the midst of school and work...and though I *made* it work, and made considerable life chnages in order to do so (practicly living at the park, midnight walks and playtimes across campus, a big move, and another rescue later...), looking back I know that my decision to get her was a lot more impulsive than planned out. And I'd rather not make that same mistake twice...for the dog's sake, moreso than my own. Yesterday I recieved an Email from a woman who has a dog that she'd like to find a new home for. Because she contacted me privately, I'm reluctant to add any details, but I will say the dog sounds wonderful, and may be just what I am looking for. We're talking more on the subject, I'm getting to know just about everything I can about her before I seriously consider taking her. As for sweet Maybe, the reason why I haven't moved on him yet lies with his dear current family. The very night after they talked to me about worrying over their time to devote to him and their two pups, and I made that post...they called me up again. That night sweet Maybe inched his way up onto the couch to cuddle with them for the first time *ever.* They said it was like he knew exactly what they were considering doing...and he didn't want to go. So they got together, and after rearranging their lives some (altering work schedules, and such.) They're going to make a strong effort to keep him in their lives, and give him just as much one on one time with them as possible, and have enough one on one time with the pups for training and such. They really love him, and their girls (the puppies) crawl all over him and play with him and adore him so much that they don't know what they'd do without him. So they're trying very hard to make things work...they asked me to please just hold off on letting anyone really, really interested in him--such as myself--take steps towards adopting him until they gave this a good try. So, we'll see.
  5. I love cats...especially when they're being their crazy, kitty selves. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...deoID=556332984
  6. Wow. I never expected so *many* responses! In the breeders defense--as I've had the chance to call her up and talk to her a while about the litter and her dogs--I really don't think they were necessarily very irresponsible about this breeding. They had both the parents hips/eyes checked. Both parents were from healthy, working lineage. They waited until the mother was at an appropriate and well-developed age to breed her. They already had a list of 'approved' homes before breeding, with people who either knew full well the demands of a border collie, or already have owned, or currently own, a BC. They planned on keeping two puppies themselves. And it was and will remain a one time thing. The puppy the woman keeps will go on to work in agility--where she hopes to include her son--and the puppy her boyfriend is taking will go on to work with the sire at his farm. Also, with the asking price she has on her puppies, she will not even make back the amount of money she has poured into securing the healthy welfare of this breeding and the puppies. Her main concern was the puppies themselves, and finding them good, good homes, she said. So that rules out any sort of cash profit she could make on this. While I don't promote every individual with healthy active dogs to go out and breed them...I would say that this woman at least did things in a responsible manner. Even if it was mainly to secure a couple puppies from her female's lines...she considered a lot before going through with it. Which is a lot more than most can say about the true variety of backyard breeders and puppy mills out there... I'm still deciding on what to do. I have until next friday, when the pups will be 8 weeks old and ready to go home. I've still been looking at rescue, and even today I went to our local humaine society and did some dog-walking to scope out some of the needy subjects in there. While plenty got excercise, none caught my eye.... We'll see. Thank you all for all your help and all your advice. I should be going some time this weekend to see the sire of this litter do some work.
  7. Oh, I might add that most of the puppies are going to friends and family members, people they know well, live close to, and who they can keep in touch with. A couple of the puppies are going to working homes, and the rest are going to be companion homes. I'm the first person that they've met outside of their circle of friends that they're willing to sell a puppy to, because I've had experience with BCs. Apparently they're screening their buyers well. The woman even told me that she 'scared off' three people who called about the pups, because she didn't want them to go away to homes where she wasn't able to keep an eye on them, and with people who didn't know border collies.
  8. This is what I know: The sire and the dam just happened to both be red. (Her boyfriend is the one who owns the sire.) It wasn't anything to do with color breeding, but the woman who owned the dam wanted to breed her girl just once, to have puppies from her, and she planned on keeping one of the males. (Not to breed, just to have offspring from her girl.) The boyfriend wanted a male out of his dog, too. I think it was her girl's temperment that mostly prompted her to breed her BC, but from the dog's behavior I would say they've done some awesome obedience work with her. She waited until her girl was three years old to breed her, which was the reccomended age her vet gave her. This was her one and only litter she ever plans to have. Her BC is going to get spayed soon after all her pups are gone. The sire works livestock out on her boyfriend's farm. I don't know if he has competed in anything, and i only met him briefly, but he has a high drive and yet awesome manners. The man 'buzzed'--weird, I've never heard anyone use buzzing as a command--and the dog calmed right down, and layed by him. Both dogs were very friendly, and not opposed to meeting me, a stranger, at all. I know they're both purebred, with papers, and from working lines, but that is about all I know of their lineage. I think this breeding was just of a personal endeavor to the woman, to obtain one of her girl's offspring, and for the experience. her son is autistic(sp?),and she mentioned that this has been a great learning experience for him, too...so that may have had something to do with it also. From what I've seen, though they've not been doing it for years, they were very professional about it. They had both parents checked out, they've been taking awesome care of the pups (raising them indoors, teaching manners, wormings, vet visits, etc.) And this is their one and only breeding. I've actually gone twice to local shelters, after BCs posted on petfinder in my area...and both times, I got there and the dog had already been adopted. One I happened to see while browsing through, and I was all ready to adopt him (gorgeous mix of some sort, sable, fluffy, with blue eyes) and literally as i was leading him to the front, the shelter hands came barging through and took the leash from me, yelling at each other about "who put this dog in adoptions!?" because apparently it's owner had showed up to take him home. (The background story on him was he'd been in there twice, cause he escapes out of his back yard where he is kept, the owner refuses to fix him, and yet will pay $200 to get him out.) So I can'r say I haven't *tried* rescue...it just hasn't been working out. Oh, and I've been interested in 'Ice', that blue eyed beauty on the rescue category from TX...but they discovered she is deaf. I've never owned a deaf dog, or worked with one...or even encountered one, for that matter. I've been considering it, but I'm not quite sure if I'd be the right home. I have to admit to myself, as beautiful as she is, some one else with more experience with training deaf dogs, and living with them, might be more suitable. So, maybe it is fate. I asked her to please hold her for me, and that I would let her know by next week, when the puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age...
  9. I went out to talk to this lady about doing a mural tonight. I brought my camera along in case i needed to take pics of some walls. Well, her gorgeous red/white BC met me at the door...and I I crooned over her, I heard little yelpings from around the corner. Wouldn't you know it...i found this: In particular, this little girl...who, by coincidence, was looking for a home: I think I am in love. <3 <3 <3 <3... The sire is a working dog, the mother a very well behaved, smallish, frisbee-loving angel from working bloodlines. Both dogs vet-checked to be perfectly healthy, papers, etc...The puppies have been raised underfoot, in the household, and will be ready by the end of next week. So, what do you all think? I find it totally ironic I turn up to paint a mural at a house full of border collies.
  10. How about those industrial outdoor carpets with rubber matting on the bottom??
  11. Our huge 'Cherokee Park' out here sports whats become known as 'Dog Hill.' Its a huuuuge grassy slope. There are no fences, but it is cut off from the road, and the only drivers nearby go slow because there are kids and people moving in that area constantly. The leash law exists there, too, but is not enforced. The police sort of gave up... I was told that years ago, people would be letting their dogs play while one or two lookouts stood at the top of the hill. When they spotted police, they would yell a warning, and everyone would snap their dogs back on their leashes and act like all was normal. LoL. Like I said, the police gave up. Maybe you guys will eventually start your own 'Dog Hill.' Its become somewhat of a community out here...and while Pitbulls are plenty on the streets of Louisville--I agree with the penis-extension theory...except a lot of women seem to sport them, for protection purposes I assume, except they can't CONTROL their dogs!--only the nice ones tend to show up at the park. (Those sorts with aggressive dogs--be they PB or BC or GSD or whatever--don't usually find themselves very *welcome* among the crowd there...) We do have a handful of weimeraner (sp?) owners who gather at the bottom of the hill just among each other...those dogs are so aloof! I picture them cavorting around with the thought "Durby Durby Durrr.." singing in their heads...I just never took to them, they're too goofy! But, like I said. Its a community, and its one of my favorite things about living in Louisville. I do know more dogs names, than their owners out there, LoL. But yeas, maybe something great will come out of exploring that park. Who knows? maybe a 'dog hill' already exists out there.
  12. Ok, this is going to sound...weird. LoL I know you don't want to use noises against him, but this is...well, WEIRD enough it just might work. You said remote control, and well, i was thinking... Have you seen those remote control fart makers? Theres a little black box, with a speaker, and you hold a remote, and press a button, and the black box makes a fart noise....to be truthful it isn't all that realistic, but it just might be strange and creepy enough to back Boy off. I've seen them at flea markets, joke shops, and the like...
  13. A friend of mine has recently aquireda BC puppy, and she taped his ears, so he would have prick ears instead of dropped ones. Just wondering if you all considered this a humane practice or not? Initially, I felt it was a little wrong...but it is done with many breeds--dobermans, yorkies, etc--and the puppy doesn't seem affected by it in the least. Its done with some sort of medical tape, I think, and so it doesn't impair the hearing ability of the puppy. I forgot to ask how long the tape was staying on. I've seen ads for 'puppy ears' with instructions how to glue your pup's ears to fit that perfect puppy shape, and by the time the glue wears out they're like that permanently. (Note: glue was only on the fur, not the skin. No apparent harm was done to the puppy.) So, would you consider it good or bad to tape/glue a puppy's ears to get them to look the way *you* prefer?
  14. Dog Parks are exactly what the name implies: DOG Parks. When I brought toys for my dogs to play with while at the park--mostly frisbees--I did it knowing they're bound to be snatched up, played with, drooled on, and possibly even shredded by other dogs who were brought there to do what comes natural: Be DOGS around other DOGS. Some dog parks outlaw toys alltogether, because they're worried about other dogs becoming obsessive or territorial over balls and frisbees and the like. Itsa good way to start fights, I've heard some people remark. Though the owners may know better, a dog does not...and most owners I've encountered at the dog park believe that no one would have brought that frisbee/rope/ball without intending to share it. The same goes for our water bowls. (I DO wish they would install doggy water fountains out here on dog hill!) To make sure my dogs stayed entertained without stressing that another dog has temporarily decided to play with their frisbee, I always have a couple back-ups in my tote bag. I'll eventually get the other one back. This was also my best opportunity to work with my dogs on sharing their toys. It taught them that SURE, another dog may steal it from under their nose, but mommmy always has more, and there is no need to be upset or angry at the other dog for nabbing it. Pi always had the hardest time dealing with this, especially when it was dropped at my feet and some dog would nab it before I was quick enough to pick it up! So an easy solution would be to bring a few back-up frisbees, or none at all. Though I always tried to make a polite show of returning it when one of my dogs would run off with another's toy, I was usually waved off and told not to worry about it. Because, dogs will be dogs.
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