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  1. Thanks for writing back. Casey is 2 1/2. She is a great girl. She does love to swim in the water. I never thought it was just her love for water that made her do the digging. Thanks for the info. I knew someone would know why she spills the water.Thanks
  2. After my BC drinks water from a bowl she always paws the rest of the water out of the bowl. I have never understood why she does this. If anyone knows the answer please reply? My feeling is she does not want anyone else drinking her water or her front paws feel dirty.Both these answers are probably false. It's probably some BC trate! Thanks for the for the help.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the advice on grooming. The anal thing I was not to keen on doing anyway. I will contact my vet about that situation.
  4. I bike with my dog all the time. She loves to go with me. I purchased this bike rack that connects to your bike seat. It has a spring on its arm that sticks out on either the left or right side. The dog puts on a designed harness that has a release if your dog goes in one direction and you go in the other. It has been one my best purchases. I make sure I don't go to fast while she is with me. I also make sure the distance I travel works for the both of us. We may all believe a BC can go on forever but I believe you need to be careful. When she gets home she get her drink and then takes a rest. I believe they use this device in Europe. I strongly erge everyone who likes to ride a bike to purchase one. You will be thankful you did. Having a dog follow you off lease is not only dangerous but in most states against the law. Hope this helps
  5. Hello evryone, I have a question about grooming. How often should you give your Bc a bath ? I have heard its not a good idea to give a dog a bath to often because it will dry out their skin. I also just heard that when you give your dog a bath they have a glan that needs to be squeezed so the fluid is released. Please let me know if this is a myth. If it is not can someone tell me how to do it. This is my last question. I have a short hair BC. She is alyways shedding. Other than brushing her almost daily should I be doing something special to prevent this. I use a circular comb with teeth that seems to pull out the dead hair. Is their a better brush or comb that I should be using? Thanks for reading my letter.
  6. I just found that my two year old border collie has a yellowish discharge coming from her right eye...a lot of it. I think it might be an infection, not just regular morning guck becuase it has obviously been increasing throughout the day. Anyone know anything about dog eye infections? Should we see a vet?
  7. I am looking for someone to recomend an agility class up here in Ma. Please let me know if anyone has a school they loved. My BC is ready. We are too. We live near the NH border. Thanks
  8. blarney2


    Just an update with Casey. We purchased the invisible fence and so far it has been a success. Casey now stays in the yard and will play catch with us . She is no longer looking to chase the neighbors cat or other critters. All she focuses on now is us. She is a changed dog. The neighbors are happy and so are the police. More important we are much happier with Casey. Let me take a few minutes and thank all you people for your advice and confidence that we could get through this. We were close to giving up on Casey but thanks to all of you we stuck through it. Thanks also goes to the invisible fence people who were great. It has been three weeks since we put it in. Let me tell you it works. If anyone else is having my problem please consider the invisible fence before it is to late. Casey would have most likely been hit by a car or somthing else if we did not act. Thank you once again.
  9. blarney2


    We have a person named Abby in Hampstead that watches and trains when we go away. I would love to call your person though. Please give me a number or a email address. Thank you. Eileen We went out and played catch earlier. We lasted 10 minutes and then she became uninterested. We switch to running flyball jumps for about 15 minutes. This combined with a two hr. dog park visit and very warm weather today has kept Casey busy. I was out playing catch with my son and Casey was having fun playing monkey in the middle. Will try and increase the attention. Keeping track of her jail breaks. This is day 1
  10. blarney2


    Thank you everyone who responded ! This encourgement is what I needed. All who wrote offered good advice and all will be tried. Right now I am heading outside with the new ball I just purchased. I am however a little confused with never going outside off lead. The back yard is fenced in. Is a lead needed outback for the short term or only out front. When out front she is always on lead whether its a flexy or the 50 foot lead I use. Again Casey is so smart on lead 50 ft away she is a star.Sit, come ect... When she bolts from the house she forgets every thing. Preventing the dashing out is the problem. My 5 year forgets, a friend comes over ect. This is why we are looking to get the invisible fence. A real fence can't be acomplished. This week we only have had one escape. Grandma went out to greet the bus for my son. Nobody felt worse than Grandma. We live in Ma. We have had three trainers. 1 came to the house once a week for 10 weeks. The other, we send her away when we go on vacation and she stays and gets trained. We have also done in class training. Any recomendations on trainers in the Eastern Ma/ Southern NH. area please let me know. Ok I am going out for a game of ball Will return with info. Thanks again everyone
  11. blarney2


    This is a tough letter to post. I have a 18 month old female BC and I am at my witts end. She has one desire that is to run. I realize this is what BC do and I try my best to make sure she gets as much as I can possible give her. She however needs more. The advice I am looking for is should I try and curtail her desire to run by fencing in my yard with invisible fence so when she escapes out the front door she can't get away and get hurt or should I come to the understanding her desire is to be free, to roam on a farm somewhere chasing sheep. This is a very difficult decesion because the year and half I have owned her I have become very fond of her. When she is home she looks out the windows all day.When she is out side she roams looking for something to chase. Our back yard is fenced in so she can't get after the squirrel or our neighbors cat so she barks hoping to get their attention. She is happy with us and we love her very much. We have tried flyball classes and are getting ready to start agility classes. Flyball was hard because after she got the ball she would drop it a chase after the other dogs. The other members were not to happy with this so we left. We have taken her to several trainers for help with her obedeince commands. On lead or in a contain area she is a star. Outside when she is free is another story. She runs and runs the neighborhood. Getting her back is a several hour process and in the end she returns when she is very tired which is 3 to 4 hrs later. We have a leash and nuissence law in the town and have been warned. This is the reason I am considering the invisible fence.She is still young and I know I could make her happy but am I taking away her true love which is freedom. Please no lectures just honest responses. I am really torn over my selfish needs and hers. Thanks for responding
  12. We are about 20 minutes from Merrimac. Do you have a name and #. Have they worked with BC before
  13. Looking for names of quality Border Collie trainers who specializes in off leash training. We live in Ma. but are on the NH. border. Thank you
  14. Thanks for all the advice. It's nice to know I am not alone. We do have a dog park about 30 miles away where she is free to roam. I know if I could just let her roam at home she would realize roaming is no big deal and my problem would be sloved. However I can't let her go for fear she may get hurt. I think the advice on advance obedence training is good. At flyBall her main focus is the other dogs. If I can break this desire she will be great. I love the advice about being hurt and having her come back. I know this trick however would only work once. BC are clever as you know. Any other advice will be tried. Thank you all how have responded
  15. Help ! We have a 18 month old female BC. She has been trained since she has been 3 months old. One habit we cannot break is her desire to become free. At first she would jump over the fence in order to become free. This lasted until I extended the height of the fence. Then she would try and get out by squeezing underneath the fence. Problem solved. Her latest is to make a mad dash for the screen door hoping it has not closed. The children sometimes make a mistake and forget to close it all the way. She is like a kid in a candy store when this happens. Well once she is free she does not venture far. She stays within sight. She does try and chase the neighbors cat and our local squirrels. The problem is the recall. On leash she is fine even on one that is 50 ft. This BC is very smart, she knows when she is tied and when she is free. I can't keep wondering if she is safe. She is not bored she gets plenty of attention and exercise.We have a good size back yard.We have dogs over for dog dates. We built jumps for her. We are teaching her flyball. Maybe she just needs more than we can offer. Maybe she needs to roam on a farm rounding up sheeps. She is loved and gets along with everyone in this family. She would be the perfect dog if she did not have that desire. Any advice will be excepted and tried. thank you
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