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  1. Hi , To DE , YES !,,,,,,it is getting better , still room for improvement , but i feel as if we are winning , even managed to get her off her lead for short recall training sessions , and that is going well too. So a bit of progress. To GL , Thanks for that link , I can relate to all of it . I do agree with the stress /anxiety angle , as looking back at her behaviour when we first got her , that's what it was all about . She has stopped humping now , and is getting a lot more relaxed around us , she even sleeps now in the same room as us in the evening . Initially she woul
  2. Hi, thanks again for replies and help to SSC...Thank you for advise re trainers . The leash , she is not frightened of the leash , only that is signifies a walk, that she does not seem too interested in, and like your BC walks with tucked tail, there and back ! I have a theory ( right or wrong ),that when she starts sniffing out other dog's pee , and wants to leave her own mark on it ,she MAY start to enjoy a walk....atm , she does all her business in the garden , as she has since we got her..Good idea about breaking up the walk , i will try that..TY to DE..Thanks for advise re cat ,
  3. Thank You Again...N Wales.....the humping was one of her favourite tacks , my hubby was loathe to put a log on , funny, but not funny !.....Yes ,that is sorted now , not sure if she just grew out of it , or it was the discipline ?......but no longer tries it. We have tried since day one with the cat and dog situ , and she will tolerate him now , but only in short bursts, the cat walks past her in the house and garden..with no trauma , but i dont really trust the dog with the cat, the herding instinct kicks in..it is something we are working on..the thing is,the cat is very much an outdoor
  4. Can i just add when i first posted my lead pulling problem,i felt i was pulling my hair out with frustration.....but talking to the informed ppl on here, has given me hope and put the problem into perspective , and given me the confidence to carry on with the training,,So Thank You All !
  5. Hi Again. Thanks for all the suggestions..... GL..Thanks for the "look at that game"......certainly going to try that. I have called her dominant , because from when we first got her she displayed signs of sexual dominance.....every time hubby bent down to put a log on the fire, she was up his back humping him ,and she used to try to trip me from behind and again attempt to hump......Thankfully we have put a stop to that...Thank You for all your suggestions. UTH...I use the praise "good girl"....also just to clarify,i don't sit for 4 hours , what i meant to say was i have sat fo
  6. To urge to herd,,Yes, i will try that,i will go back to the front clip harness,and persevere , I do praise praise all the time with her,when she does not pull.....and yes maybe i need to stay calm , as she pulls more and more , i do find i raise my voice more,probably out of sheer frustration........I will take all that on board. To beachdogz..not sure where to start with the nightmare behaviour,but i did realise early on,that it could be over stimulation,,so when she was driving us nuts,and we could not take it any longer,we put her in another room,with no toys,just her bed,and sh
  7. Hi, Thanks for the replies and interest........first to GentleLake , we are in Wales UK...we are not allowed to mix and mingle atm ,and not allowed to travel 5 miles from home , and i do agree we have a very lively pup ,who is and has been very challenging ! , and i think i may need to relax a little......my problem is she is a very big dominant girl.....i live in sheep / BC country , and at 5 months she was bigger than most of the adult BC's i met. If she stands on her hind legs against me, at 6 months her front paws are nearly up to my shoulders ( I am 5 ft 1 inch )........so a proper b
  8. Hi, Thank you for reply.......as we are still in Lock-Down..it is impossible to see a trainer. I will look at the youtube you suggested.....and i will try the food reward tip , although as she is not fussed too much by food , I don't really hold out much hope for that. I do wonder if it all stems from not really wanting to go out for a walk ?..when i get the lead out she tries to hide...so maybe the excessive pulling is a case of " lets get there,and home again "? She certainly never wags ,while out . Barn bred pup,that for the first couple of months was a nightmare in ever
  9. Hi all.......sure it is a question that has been asked many times,but i have a 6 month old BC,pulls like a steam roller, and although i have been trying to train her to heel , since i get her at 10 weeks, she still drags me around,. I have lost confidence trying to take her for walks,as she has pulled the lead out of my hand a couple of times Have tried halti head collar,halti body harness,back clip harness,front clip harness......the sit wait heel ( make her stop and sit ) before continuing. What do i do ? Thanks in advance
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