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    Sorry everyone, I had no idea this guy was as bad as you say, I did research, but I guess it wasn't good enough, I didn't see him on a list, so I had no idea, I'll just go back to my corner now..thanks for the info
  2. Franny


    I think I did this right..at least I hope I did..LOL..thanks everyone..I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm thinking of 'Rocky' he was 3 weeks old in this picture..can't wait to see how big he is now!
  3. Franny


    Good Morning! I'm new to this board, just wanted to say Hi!..I don't have my baby yet, he's in Tenn., and I do have a picture, but don't know how to post it..lol..He's a black and white BC..and will be 12 weeks on the 2nd..I have been reading this board on a daily basis, trying to soak up as much info as I can, (I admit..I'm sooo addicted), I'm still curious on the Raw diet..and I don't think I've seen a post on Microchips..any thoughts on a particular brand? whats good, whats not? Thanks!
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