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  1. I live in Spring. I know our vet has done many blood test but he has never given us any results. He recommended Prescription Diet food for dogs with allergies and said she was allergic to fleas. He had us using Frontline for a while every 2 weeks and then Advantix every 2 weeks. He then had us bring her in once a week to get a bath and he would give her a pill to kill all fleas if she had any. We also had our yard sprayed and our house, with no success. Nothing so far has helped. Do you use a dermatologist or a regular vet? We asked to recommended to a dermatologist but he wouldn't refe
  2. Hi my name is Robin. I have a female border collie that is almost 3. We have had her since she was a puppy and have spent a lot of money trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She scratches constantly to the point of pulling out her fur. Her poor skin is always red and inflamed. We take her to the vet all the time he has never referred us to an allergist though. He did put her on special food that we buy at the vet but even that has not done the trick. I feel bad for her because she is miserable. She used to be a very happy dog and very loving also but now she usually just lays i
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