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  1. I haven't posted on this forum in ages, but I just wanted to come thank everyone for the awesome information they share. My parents have a Golden Retriever, and in his 7 years he has always been itchy. For the longest time, he was on this awful basically meat-free dog food. The vet said he was allergic to chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. Renegade never really did any better on the expensive rx food, and was on tons of medications, creams, etc. His poor little belly was red and hairless, and he would chew his paws bloody. I remembered members of this forum talking about their dogs that w
  2. I'm not really familiar with above ground pools, but my parents' Golden taught himself to exit their in-ground pool via the ladder. It is funny to watch. It gets horribly hot and humid here, so we all get kinda lazy over the summer. We still take the dogs out to the acreage to run around 4-5 times a week, but instead of spending 30 minutes to several hours out there, we spend 15-30 minutes. It doesn't help that the acreage borders a lake, but we can't touch the lake because of the gators. It is soooo tempting sometimes, especially to my water-crazy older BC. Besides that, we play indoor f
  3. Posting from my phone so I can't edit the op but we definitely use a crate. On the rare occasion that we ride in Hubby's little car they both get seatbelt harnesses. I avoid that though, because once we harnessed him in the window seat and he started slamming his head into the glass. Scared the living daylights out of me. Anyway, he actually acts worse (or at least, the annoyance factor is way higher) when I cover the crate. He has this high-pitched, loud whine he does continually when it is covered. I thought we could just wait that whining out, but it has been a few months now, and he s
  4. I know this has been covered before, but I haven't had any luck finding it, so if someone just wants to shoot me towards another thread that would be perfectly fine with me. Our younger dog is a real annoyance during car rides. He barks/whines in the car, snaps at the window (presumably at cars going past), and generally gets himself hugely worked up. He doesn't seem to be scared, just excited. He gets much worse if we turn off of a busy street onto one with little traffic. When we first got him he was obsessed with cars, and probably would have chased them if I had given him half a
  5. Too funny. My working bred boy has a better off-switch than most pet dogs I know. On the other hand, my rescue (fairly certain he is sport bred) has an awful off-switch. We are working on it, but he is the first dog I've owned that has required a lot of training for a simple off-switch and is actually "hyper". I know a lot of that is probably because he was raised completely without manners and boundaries, but I still find it funny. For what it's worth, in my years lurking I've never really gotten the impression that your friend has. Probably came onto the board with preconceived notions a
  6. Chuck is a great show. And I loooove Dr. Who. I used to sit and watch the old episodes with my dad when I was young but that died off during my teen years, so he is tickled pink that we have become so in love with the new ones. No snow here, just cold. Thankfully, it isn't bad enough to keep us in, so we haven't watched any more tv than usual.
  7. Our last foster went through regular heartworm treatment with extended crate rest, and in his case it was easy to keep him calm. He had 'em bad, and was very sick (and pretty underweight), so he wasn't very excited about running around a lot anyway. That said, we kept him entertained with lots of chewing stuff (stuffed kongs/leos, knuckle bones, rmbs, etc.) and tricks that didn't require a lot of movement, like "shake". We kept him either in his crate or on a leash in the room with us 24/7, and he was also leashed to go outside. The hardest thing for us was keeping the dogs from wrestling and
  8. Well, as of today the scab was completely gone, just pretty pink skin with little hairs growing in. Hopefully it was nothing, as I haven't seen him doing it again. I will definitely get it checked out when we go to the vet for his shots next week though. Thanks all.
  9. Recently I've noticed Indy (our younger boy) sort of nibbling on Diocese's bottom jaw/lip. It is a little hard to describe exactly what he is doing, especially since I don't know what he is doing. He looks like he is taking tiny, super fast nibbles on D's face, and sometimes gets fur (or something) in his mouth. He also licks the same place. D doesn't seem to mind, he just lays down and looks relaxed. Occasionally he does look annoyed and growls, so Indy stops. After noticing Indy doing this I checked the place on D's jaw that he was messing with, and there is a long scab. He must have go
  10. What a name! The names of the dogs competing in the big name conformation shows always remind me of some of the crazy Thoroughbred names I've heard on the track.
  11. CONGRATS! We just got the same news, isn't it exciting? D is down to 51 pounds, the vet wanted him down to 55. I think he could probably be 1-3 pounds lighter still, but he is definitely slimmer by far. It is wonderful to see how much more energy he has now, especially when he is racing around with Indy (who could stand to GAIN a few pounds lol). Have you noticed the same thing? Never again will I fall into the trap of free-feeding like my parents do!
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I'm in the boat with you. My young rescue just met sheep for the first time pretty recently, and he ran the other way. The shepherd actually brought a newborn lamb out to introduce to him since he was so intimidated by the big ones... he was scared of the baby too. Wouldn't even look at it. My poor little sport bred boy. I think he was more interested in watching my older boy herd than the sheep.
  13. I have to admit, having the dogs drop a mouthful of tasty meat on command is a favorite party trick here. People are absolutely shocked that I can tell D to drop a steak and he will, when their dogs won't even let go of a tennis ball or a shoe. Or that he knows the difference between 'give' and 'drop' (I don't get why that is all that much more impressive than a dog knowing the difference between 'sit' and 'down'?). They don't seem to get that it isn't magic, but training.
  14. Agreed, definitely. My older boy was chipped at a dog fair when he was young. We moved a couple years back so I've been trying to get in touch with the registry to update his information. Well, the registry is gone. From what info I can gather, they were a branch of a registry in Europe, but the local branch apparently lasted a couple of years and then shut down. Is my dog in a database overseas? I don't have a clue. Have had zero luck getting in contact with them either. Next time we go to the vet I'm going to get him chipped again with one of the big two. I wish I had done that from the beg
  15. I know this an old thread, but something just occurred to me. I believe we have a 3 or 4 pet limit in my town, and no registration (just have to wear rabies tags). We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 young tortoises, 2 mice, 2 gerbils, and 3 rats. Whenever I foster for the local shelter, I'm supposed to fill out a paper which includes all of my current pets. I've been filling it out truthfully for some time now, but since the shelter is run by Animal Control, I wonder if I should only list the dogs? They've never turned me down for fostering, and I adopted one of the cats and a mouse there. Do
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