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  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to that all of you that posted how to heal a torn shoulder last Sept. Oz's shoulder is getting better but has re injured it only once and I've given him more than two weeks to rest. He stopped limping after three days so I think his recovery is getting quicker or he's recovering faster. Hasn't been able to play any Frisbee since last Sept. (it's killing me but I have worked on my throws in the mean time). If you could take a look at his website and give me comments I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Guy www.disck9.mad-dogs.us email: disck9@mad-dogs.us
  2. forgot to also mention a great Frisbee K9 club on the East Coast called M.A.D Dogs (Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs http://www.discdog.us/ Most of the world champions are club memebers so if you go to a competition you'll meet some of the greatest frisbee players in the world and they actually will share ideas with you and help you with your training. Great group of people!
  3. Hi Marie, I love K9 frisbee. I had the 1984 VA State Champion (back in the day when Alpo had state competitions). I have an 8mo BC named OZ. I was practicing my frisbee throws as he and my JRT were playing and he tore his shoulder. This has set back my frisbee training with him for months until he heals. I strongly suggest waiting for 1 yr. due to the growth plates as "Tassie's" owner suggest. That is some very important information they gave you. I would give rollers to the pup and let him/her run after them. And you should also use a puppy size disc. Take a look at www.skyhounds.com for some worldclass frisbee k9 information and www.hyperflite.com for the puppy disc's. Let me know if you want to chat K9 frisbee. I'll talk all day about it. Guy
  4. Hi Welcome to the board! I agree with Kat "What really works for me is to put her on a Long Line and make sure that she brings the toy all the way back, as soon as she does, I do some tug with the toy and/or give treats." but I try to limit the treats but really give him praise. Thats seems to work just as well since OZ love people. Guy
  5. Lynchburg is about a day's drive from N.VA. What is OCD?
  6. I'm hearing the advise. Rest, but having a 8 mo.BC puppy rest is impossible. I have been carrying him down the stairs when I can but thats not changing anything. I have stopped all outdoor play since the Aug 15 when he pulled it. We have light play but nothing like he wants. Seems to get better then a pull get's him limping again. Are long walks out of the question?
  7. Thanks Kathy. I appreciate the advice. Hard to keep him calm.
  8. Hi, my 7 mo. BC has pulled his shoulder. The vet says it's a shoulder strain and to keep him from running around. This injury occured in Sept. and he's still limping. Any advice on how to help heal this puppy? Thanks, Guy java script:void(0) Confused
  9. Hi, my BC "Oz" pulled his shoulder and the vet told me to keep him from running around to heal it. Hmm let's see a 7 mo. puppy espically a BC from running around..impossible. Has any one on here had to deal with this problem? if so, how long did it take to heal? How did you help? I am walking him 3 times a day or more to keep it lose, I actually carry him down the stairs to keep from adding stress to the shoulder area and of course, no frisbee. At night I give him a deep rub down to also massage the area. Just trying to find out how long this might take to heal on the average. Thanks in advance, Guy
  10. My family and I have decided to purchase a BC puppy. We had adopted a BC some yrs ago, so we know what we are getting into. We also want to raise this puppy not adopt an adult dog. We have a breeder in mind, the litter was born on Feb. 23, 2995 and we have visited the litter three times (once a week). The Sire and Dam both have wonderful dispositions and we hope the offspring will have the same. We were told the cost of the puppies would be between $350-$500. We are being told now that the puppies have been born and are all very healthy the price will be $500. I am thinking the breeder is playing on our emotions vs. giving a fair price. What basis would a breeder have to charge that amount ? Both Dam and Sire are farm dogs not show dogs that we know of. What questions can we ask to make sure the price is justified? How can I be sure I am being charged a fair price? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Guy
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