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  1. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll try her on the tablespoon of fat with what she is eating now, then if it persists I'll look at changing her diet. thanks again.
  2. I read somewhere once that a Border Colie can walk 20 miles a day without tiring. frightning huh!! My BC Molly gets 3 or 4 walks a day, one long one ie 1 hour then a few short 10-20 minutes a piece.
  3. Molly my pet collie seems to have what us humans would call dandruff!! I've been using a dog shampoo on her called "ExmaRid" and this seems to work on her for a couple of days, then her itching comes back!! Now I dont mind bathing her every couple of days or so, however I'm not sure if this does any damage to her coat this excessive bathing. Does anyone out there know?????
  4. Hi I'm a new member here and my dog Molly had a tick once, the best way I found to get rid was with tweezers, but instead of just pulling out, I found it was best to twist and pull, this way the little tick looses its grip on the poor dogs flesh. Hope this was of some use.
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