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  1. Aha! Now that DOES explain a few things! Thank you very much. The problem, though with putting puppy outside is that nobody is around for 7 hours of the day. What with jobs and school and such. We've tryed to keep them both out all day, but the neighbor didnt like the barking that much and we had a police man at our door. So the problem is that we cannot let them run free in the house as the youngest isnt trained and also enjoys chewing furniture... he's getting rid of that habbit slowly with help from the oldest ) So the best action would be to wait, no? Untill he's old enough to hold it in? Sounds horrible to me, but I see no other solution at the moment. Again, any reply would be welcomed
  2. I own two BCs, 1 year and 5 months old. The youngest is proving hard to housetrain, and the older is following in his behaivior. Also the oldest doesnt like strangers and will bark at whoever comes to the door. Any help will be welcomed
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