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    Dogs, horses, sheep, gardening, walking, nature

About Me

Have had horses all my life, got into sheep and Border Collies in the mid 80's. I do not trial just now but

want to get back into it soon. My last horse just passed so I am now horseless. I have a small flock of Dorper

sheep that I use for working my dogs and also to sell for breeding animals. I only have two B.C.s now. My older

dog Willy and a young bitch Kelly. I do not breed my dogs, when I want a new one there are plenty of good bloodlines

out there already so why bother breeding my own? I had only reached the pro-novice level when I used to trial. I

really miss the trial scene and the comraderie. I hope start up soon. I am employed by the U.S. Postal Service for

over 20 years now. I hope to retire in 2016.

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