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  1. Hi guys, In case any of you aren't on Sheepdog-L, I just posted the message below to that list and will be interested in seeing the responses. I haven't been on the Boards in awhile, so missed most of this discussion, but I have a 17-month old pup, so far unaffected. **But** out of her litter of 5, 2 have started seizing, one male clustering at 13 months of age, the other -- a female -- with one seizure about a week before she came into season for the first time at about 16 months. Turns out the sire, unbeknownst to me or the dam's owner, had thrown a few epileptic pups in the past. An
  2. Hi Joan, Glen's Pat here. Remind me again how old Dhu is and when/how you found out about her impairment. I had Glen out on sheep the other day and it's clear his hearing has degenerated. Plus, I think that the "I know I'm supposed to be doing something, but I don't know what it is and this is making me shut down" thing is operating, too. It was kind of a disaster. Meanwhile, he's having a grand old time watching TV, playing ball, and running in the parks, etc. I'll be getting a vibrating collar soon, to train him on a recall for when his hearing totally goes. I say this, not to
  3. Hi folks, There is kind of a parallel thread under "raw food" here and I've just posted there, too. That post was re my 1 y.o. Kate who was critical with with HGE two weeks ago (doing fine now). Similar to RDM, the vets all had a field day of course. :confused: Thanks to Laurie for her post. This is more like what I was feeding. My source for backs was 39 cents/lb so it's hard to forego that. But I will. I'll try to find quarters and whole chickens on sale, etc. I see the point of increasing the ratio of muscle meat to bone and doing whole foods as often as possible
  4. Hi folks, Not heat stroke for Kate. More and more, I think it was an unfortunate confluence of a slightly depressed immune system (approaching 1 y.o. and first heat?? stress from new dog in the house??) and challenge from the chicken backs that she must have gulped in such a way that some significant bone pieces made it past her stomach into her lower intestines. BTW, she's doing really well, and in another week or so, I'll probably be switching her back to raw. There is some really weird kibble out there Just want to make sure her gut is completely healed before I introduce any
  5. Thanks Annette. I did just join that Yahoo group. What you say makes a lot of sense. I can't believe how hard it is to switch them back to kibble. I need to "digest" this a little more before I start raw again, but I hope you (all) don't mind if I turn to you for advice and support. Pat... and Kate who is turning one year old tomorrow!
  6. OK folks, I was feeding raw for about 6 years with 4-5 dogs ranging from mini LH dachshund to border collies to lab to golden retrv. -- all without incident. Then the week before last, my 1 y.o BC pup came down with HGE (hemorrhageaic gastroenteritis) and was critical for a few days. You can imagine what my vets all said -- dietary "indiscretion" -- well, actually I had fed her those chicken backs on purpose. Oy. I've been feeding raw, rotating among whole chicken backs and various Bravo ground mixes for years. On Monday I fed backs. On Tuesday I fed Bravo ground beef/veggie mix and
  7. Hi Robin, What's the latest? Keep us posted; hugs to Belle. Pat
  8. Hi all, Kate's home and is terrific. She's really back to her old self. Still on a bland diet for another day or so, but all looks normal -- oh yeah and loooooottttttssss of antibiotics for another week or so. But my girl is back. That spot on my bed is filled again. Crisis over. The discharge vet was very balanced about this whole thing. He doesn't feed his own dogs raw and he sees pros and cons to it, just like pros and cons to feeding commercial foods. But, interestingly, he said that hemorrhaegic gastroenteritis -- HGE -- which is what she had, can be due to a broad spectrum
  9. So, since no one answered the original question (!!!), I'll tell you what I pay: $20/hr to rent. This is in NJ about 30 miles outside of Manhattan, so factor that in. (there are some other things you could factor in, too, but we won't go there......)
  10. Hi All, Sorry I've been out of communication, but I've been having a rough week with Miss Kate. I brought her home Wed night, but she got much worse overnight, so took her to a good 24-hr care multi-vet practice that I've used for years. It was compounded by the fact that my "favorite vet" got HBS (hit by sheep) and broke her ankle ( =-O ). So Kate really couldn't be managed well by that small practice. Anyway, she's been in the hospital since yesterday AM where she can be treated and monitored around the clock. When I brought her in she was weak, somewhat disoriented, still vomiti
  11. Hi folks, I've been a big proponent of a balanced BARF (bones and raw food) diet for the past 5 years. However, this morning my 1 y.o. pup, Kate, was vomiting, lethargic, pale gums, and a 105 temp. X-rays showed that her colon is impacted with bones. I'd been feeding Bravo ground meat/bones/veggies; chicken backs; and some kibble on a rotational basis throughout the week to keep things nice and balanced. I'm beside myself with guilt and worry. Kate is stable now, on fluids and antibiotics, and perking up. But I'm getting rid of all my raw food and going back to kibble (yuc
  12. Hi all, Swamped at work so haven't been checking the Boards, but of course this is a topic of great interest to me. Glen -- his Royal Deafness -- is now leading a very happy in my lap (surprise, surprise) and also seems to be relieved not to be asked to do things he doesn't understand (i.e., hear) out on sheep. I'll check in again, but will be more than happy to help with any of these initiatives re Chu's research -- like at Sam's trial, etc. I have a huge grant going out in a few days. Talk to you all after that. Pat
  13. It was the BAER test for Glen. It doesn't really tell levels of hearing, just yes or no for each ear. However, if they find hearing loss, they can turn the volume of the stimulus up and then look at the nerve response. If there is some response, they can make some very general estimates of level of loss. But it's really rough from what I understand. This was how they determined that Glen might still have some hearing in his right ear, tho no where near normal. However, his left ear did not respond to the higher volume. Joan, you should know that Glen is safe and sound and loved. If
  14. Joan, can you tell me how long ago you had Glen and noticed this "randomness?" It would help to get a sense of how long he may have had a hearing loss. Dr. Chu would like to figure that out for him. Pat
  15. Laurie, If you could get a cheek swab (extremely simple) for DNA and send that and a copy of the BAER with age, etc., info to Theresa, I bet that would help. Ask Dave for her e-mail address to find out more. I'm so glad that this seems to be raising awareness. Deb's statement about it being heartbreaking to know what these dogs would do for you if only they knew what you wanted went straight to the core of me. That's exactly it. Thanks, Deb. Pat
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