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  1. I stumbled across this board just the other day. I never heard of a BC only being called a working sheep dog. Here is the basis Here is the boards
  2. Sasha's Mom: You wont be new to hurricanes for much longer. I got to hand it to Floridians, after last summer I would have up and packed myself somewhere else.
  3. Who is the state? Is that the local animal shelter. Just asking because here they go by county. I can not see how they would euthanize the dogs when so many people are willing to help. Maybe like said before they would like to prosecute, and need to get evidence. St. Francis must be real busy right now
  4. I too may live way to far to be of assistance, but your police dept. may have a quicker response from the SPCA. Sounds like something went awry with the breeder, since your prior visits the conditions where not so horrible. She may be all than happy to surrender the dogs. I hope everything works out for all. It is very fortunate for these dogs that you came upon the boards.
  5. Nutro just made an Ultra, I was going to try it out after I'm out of food. It sounds pretty good.
  6. Thank you all- I remembered something about carbs and raw not mixing.
  7. now I'm jealous Quick yes or no question---Though I'm pretty sure the answer is a no. Can I continue with the kibble and just buy him a chicken neck a couple times a week? Will they get some befefit? I think not because of digesting and the carbs (of what I think I'm getting) Besides I don't think I can pluck a chicken neck---I can't even devein shrimp for DH. But maybe on Thanksgiving instead of throwing away all the "extras" can that be a holiday treat? Gibblets Raw or cooked?
  8. I've been going back and forth with raw. don't think it will work with a toddler who throws any food she has to the dog. Even has tried to bottle feed him. I can't find the book Give your dog a bone by Ian B(something). Probably used at Amazon. But question: I have heard that a dog can choke on bones. Is this chance the same as getting hit by lightning?
  9. It would be picking on if I said this is totally wrong, the nerve or if I had said any of the horrendous actions on this thread. I said I never imagined this before. And someone could order sperm and do whatever they wish with that. How is that picking on anyone? It's called verbal redirection. OK So anyway I know artificial insemination caused an increase in multiple births. Would this be the same with dogs? Would you end up with a liter of 20+ pups? If there are women having 7 babies, I imagine it would have the same effect
  10. BTW- If anyone wants a cause. I found this website through the products http://www.bordercollies.com/ I have never even imagined this. You can buy for around $450.-600. frozen sperm from stud dogs. There is a contract, however basically anyone with money and an imagination can breed.
  11. I think you all scared Ironhorse away. Or I should say he (I'm assuming) is thinking why bother with this board. How complicated an introduction can get.
  12. Sorry to hear, I hope Cody's parents were understanding. I agree it sounds like an isolated incident (the mask).
  13. I think you are right with just running past. We have the "correction" right at the fence line everywhere except one spot where our boxturtle is (also happens to be under the tree house). He did go right through and I just took the collar off so he could pass it again. It's been just over a week I think, I still closely supervise him when outside. But like I said I think it's going to work.
  14. Last week I installed a Petsafe radio fence. The thought sounds mean, but getting a shock is a lot less painful than getting hit by a car. It was very easy to install and not that bad (though if I knew they had one with a citrus spray I probably would have purchased it) There is a wire in the ground. I have it at the fence boundry. You need to make a 1-3 inch trench. Then you set the boundry. The dog will hear his collar beep (there is also visual aids, white flags are placed when the collar beeps. If he ignores the beep and countinues into the "forbidden area" he will get a sh
  15. Thank you all very much!!! I wasn't quite sure if he'd have to "learn to catch" I'll do the "roller's" for now, and work on him starting out in the direction I'll be throwing. And hopefully all will go well. He definately loves fetch so we may be successful next summer.
  16. The first dog we adpoted with a bad hip, I wasn't going to make him catch a disc. Now I have a puppy, and love to picture him chasing discs, doing the flips etc etc. This would also be great interaction for the kids. I got him a soft disc and he fetches it great, and drops it for a kibble too. But I can't get him to actually catch it. At first he waited for it to land, now he is trying but only caught it once. Does it come with practice, age (he is only 5 months old), or does he just not have it.
  17. If anyone has io for cable the mag rack "Celebrating Dog section currently has a 9 min introduction to playing frisbee. Some helpful techniques to getting started. And there are some talented dogs. Definately worth the 9 minutes!!! Mag rack is a free on demand for all io subscribers
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