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  1. Im glad your pup is okay. My cat has a similar reaction to her kitten series, and after just losing a cat, I paniced. Luckily my BC doesn't even notice shots, or get any after affects.
  2. Tassie, yes it was a nice experience! It's funny because I have NEVER been around a single sheep in my life. They're alot smaller than I thought! I think my favorite dog was her male, who was the one she said was "fresh" - I liked his quick, intense style the most.
  3. We have a pet goat named Biscuit, who does tricks. She stands on tables on cue, puts her front feet on a basketball, hops on command, etc. She also hollers for my mom when she is lonely, and will come running to hide between her legs when something scares her. And when you raise your voice at her, she'll butt at you in rebellion then run off and hide under our barn deck and "baaa" like her feelings are hurt. She almost acts like a dog (a dumb dog, but a dog no less)
  4. Okay, well I am back from the trainers! I really enjoyed it. As far as I can tell, from a novice view, her dogs seemed very under control and responded well, the sheep were calm (minus a few rowdy babies & an aggressive mom) and it was all very precise looking. The trainer was able to work her dogs with no verbal cues, and even her young, new dog did well. She spent a lot of time explaining what she was doing and why, let me move the sheep a bit to learn how they move, and taught me how to look at some of the sheeps behavior to predict what they were going to do next. My puppy did come because we were out of the house for 5+ hours (errands and such) and no one could watch her @ home, but I don't think she even noticed any sheep. lol She stayed with my mom on leash and walked around the farm, mostly playing doggie soccer with some gentle older BC's that she buddied up with. The trainer did give me some great advice on how to prepare my dog for sheep when she's older, so I'm really excited. I definatly can't wait to go back soon
  5. Mark -- So you mean, when the dog notices the sheep as something to obsess over/chase, then its time to REMOVE the dog from the situation until a later date when they are older?
  6. Well, the lamb my mom wants mostly for company for her goat. I didn't have plans on working that lamb necessarily, but more so just caring for it to see how they work, as they are much different than horses and when I have more money (and experience) buy 3 dog broke sheep. I don't need fully functionable sheep to herd right now, as I wouldn't know what the heck to do with them but since my moms goat needs a buddy, I thought a lamb to just care for might be beneficial later when I move forward. What do you think?
  7. Thanks Mark. When is it okay to let the puppy see sheep? Or should she not till she actually can work?
  8. Thanks Tassie - this trainer is close enough, I could probably plan to go there during the weekends to spend time with the sheep She has some lambs right now, I am going to ask her how much she asks for them
  9. Thanks KillerH. I will keep her away from the sheep for right now. I don't know the trainer enough anyways..
  10. Rebecca, okay, I will hold back Though its hard!! I can understand though, letting such a tiny pup with sheep is probably risky. I can imagine if my dog got even her toe stepped on she'd wail like someone cut her leg off. This trainer is really nice & laid back, so I imagine she will let me hang around a lot. I wonder, would any trainer ever let a novice, handle an experienced dog in the field? I know with horseback riding, my trainers would let me attempt new skills on a school master before I tried it on my own green horse.
  11. Renee, what do you consider controlled? I ask, so that my pup isn't put into a situation that she shouldn't be in. She is 12 wks old right now. The sheep the trainer introduces to puppies, is very broke and quiet. So what is a reasonable amount of exposure to sheep at this age? I don't expect her to be interested in herding them really, I just want her meeting with them to be positive.
  12. KillerH, I'll ask for that. I'm not a held back person at all
  13. Thanks Rebecca. She is already a member of the TX sheep dog assoc. I don't expect anything out of my puppy really, other than a fun time. The trainer says she has some very gentle sheep my pup can meet, but I don't plan on her doing much of anything with them besides looking But I will get to see her dogs work out in the fields, so that will be great to see.
  14. I'm glad Boy is doing so well! How do you get a dog on a raw diet? And is it very expensive? As popular as it is becoming, I haven't ever given it much thought but it does seem to be REALLY healthy.
  15. Hi Megan, yes it is exciting! I just got off the phone with the trainer. I am going out Thursday with my pup so they can meet, and then she's going to let me watch her dogs work sheep out in the fields. Two of her working dogs are related to my pup, same grandparents. She has been trialing for a few years now too.. I can't wait to find out more about her, and go out Thurs. I'm definatly bringing my camera.
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