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  1. Jim and Patti Chant's pickup was stolen from a hotel while they were at the National Western Stock Show. In the back of the pickup were dog boxes containing four of their working dogs. More information and photos of the dogs are posted on the Wyoming Stock Dog site: http://www.wyomingstockdog.com Eileen, please feel free to move this if I have it in the wrong place.
  2. The meaning to me was that there was no critical thinking going on - just a blind willingness to accept as truth what someone said simply because they were supposedly the "learned one."
  3. I'm not much of a Doonesbury or Trudeau fan, but the global warming discussion reminds me of a Doonesbury strip from the 80's where a college professor is at his lecturn spewing nonsense ("black is white," "the world is flat" etc.) and a student at his desk says "Wow, this is great! I didn't know any of this" and another student says "Baaa."
  4. Well, we're in different solar systems when it comes to believing in punitive taxation on individuals.
  5. I will agree with you there, the problem is that there are many people who do have a legitimate need for such a vehicle. I'll agree with you on another point - well you haven't really made the point, but I think you would agree - people need to get over their fear of the diesel engine whether it is in big trucks or little commuter cars. Diesel is a more efficient technology than gas burners and has come an awful long way in the past 20 years in terms of cleanliness, power, acceleration and noise. The new diesels are pretty danged quiet. The new Ford 6.0 gets an actual (measured by me) 19+ mpg on the highway at 75 mph and could pull itself up the side of a building. That's a 6000 pound, 325 bhp vehicle getting that mileage at speeds that are surely beyond optimal where mileage is concerned.
  6. Hi Hector, If I didn't need a full-sized pickup I wouldn't have one - It's no fun to pay $100 for a full tank of diesel. But the fact remains that the Toyota Dyna has only just over 100 horsepower. There's no way that it could haul a gooseneck flatbed loaded with 5 or 10 tons of hay. The Toyota seems to have ample payload capacity, which is cool, but I seriously doubt it has enough horsepower (102) and torque (191 lb.-ft.) to pull much of a trailer. To do what I can do in one-trip with my (325 HP/560 lb.-ft.) pickup pulling a big trailer it may-well take me 10 or more trips in something like the Dyna. So really, while it's convenient to cite mileage to bolster your case, efficiency has to be measured relative to work performed. MPG simply doesn't do that. Fuel economy - to be fair - has to be measured relative to work performed. I suspect those numbers aren't so convenient for people who rail against the big American pickup trucks.
  7. Actually, Fiat doesn't offer a 1.1 liter diesel. The 1.3 liter diesel they do offer provides only 70 HP, a top speed of 90 mph and in ideal conditions it takes about 13 seconds to get to 60 mph.
  8. Anyone remember the doomsday predictions of the rapidly approaching "Next Ice Age" in the 1970's?
  9. Hi Julie, I was just trying to use an easy analogy to point out that "barbaric" is a matter of definition - just like "proven working ability." Some people think that pushing sheep around an arena proves working ability, where others have a much more stringent definition. So ultimately my (poorly made) point was that "barbaric" is a matter of definition and it's often culture that sets that definition.
  10. Julie, It is cultural. Breeding border collies for anything other than proven working ability is entirely unethical. Define proven working abililty. Glenn Firchow
  11. Agreed. I even agree that some behaviors are more pronounced in border collies. But to accept bad behavior because "that's what border collies do" does a disservice to the dog. If I wouldn't accept a behavior from (pick a breed) I'm sure as heck not going to accept it just because my dog is a border collie. I hold border collies to a much higher standard. Anyone who believes that some obnoxious behaviors are just part of what a border collie is needs to go to a major field trial and see how (most) properly reared border collies act even in the midst of what to them has to be an extraordinarily seductive environment (surrounded by sheep, dogs, and whistles).
  12. Similarly, Bill, I think it's hard for someone who trials in absence of real ranch work to go to a ranch and recognize the qualities in an unpolished dog. Rebecca and I had a similar conversation recently and my contention was that there are an awful lot of high-quality ranch dogs out there (or at least out here) and ignoring them as potential breeding stock just because they're not all shiny and haven't seen a trial field is doing a disservice to the "breed." GF
  13. Haze or not, theft is theft. Glenn Firchow
  14. Never did I say you would steal the puppies for the sake of having puppies. Definitions of "danger" differ. But you have answered my question which was: "Are you suggesting that the OP trespass and commit theft...." Thanks. Glenn Firchow
  15. Simply astounding. I guess I was confused by: ".....i would go ahead and sneak a few of them off the farm...."
  16. Just to satisfy my curiosity: Are you suggesting that the OP trespass and commit theft, shelb'smum?
  17. I agree with the person who told you it is not a Border Collie.
  18. Bill, that's just unfair because the roads are hilly and curvy and the sheep was, like, so totally not my fault.
  19. I have no idea about Virginia Beach, but if you were in Wyoming I'd say definitely yes. On a random day I might see rabbits, skunks, fox, coyotes, antelope, deer, sheep, badgers, porcupines, prairie dogs, and probably something unidentifiable. And that's just between my house and the highway.
  20. WyoBC - You should consider joining the Wyoming Stock Dog Association. There were sheep dog trials in Gillette and Sundance this past weekend and there is more information about the Last Chance Trial in Wheatland that you mentioned at the WSDA website: http://www.wyomingstockdog.com
  21. Show me where the original poster provides anything besides wild specualtion on the plight of the dog. For all she knows (as far as I interpret it) that dog spends its nights inside eating a yummy RAW diet, gets all-natural treats, and goes on 5-mile jogs each morning. That's why I say mind your own business.
  22. This reply will be wildly unpopular and I'm confident that I'll be shown the errors in my thinking, but I can't stand it, so here goes: You should mind your own business.
  23. Mountain and Plains is the Colorado association. I'm not sure the Montana association is active any longer - at least I have not heard anything about it recently and I'm not too far away. Quite a few people from Montana use the Wyoming Stock Dog Association as thier local club. The site is http://www.wyomingstockdog.com/
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