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  1. Can anyone tell me what website that will teach my bc to retrive, hold, let go an object? So i can teach him. tks a lot
  2. i want to try to get my bc start wiht Frisbee Any website that may contain the training for that or Any suggetion will be very helpful I am total new with this sport. But i really want to play it with my dog. Pls tell me how to getting start Tks a lot
  3. i am trying to train my BC to retrieve a ball. But he always let go a ball. pls tell me how to teach him to hold the object. Sure!!! it will be more fun to see him mouthing a ball
  4. My dog is always jumping on me and other people, and he sometimes try to herd me.(HE might thinks that i m a big cow) Can anyone tell me how to stop him from doing this. i am appreciated your help
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