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  1. Where I'm at now, my two cant be in the house so they stay in their dog houses in the barn. I cant wait to have a home where they can be in the house with me again. Flye, my female that I lost a little over a year ago was on the bed with me. She was attached to me at the hip =) I miss her. Casper will lay on the bed for while, but then he gets down b/c he gets too hot. He's very fluffy. He sleeps beside my side of the bed. Fatboy (the pup) will sprawl out beside you and on you on the bed lol.
  2. Diva & Clipper are cute. I like designer & fashion names for girls.
  3. I like to pick myself if I can, but I have had pups picked for me and one of them was my once in a lifetime dog. Sadly, I lost her at a young age due to a health problem (non-genetic). It was just one of those things. I picked Casper and Fatboy myself... actually, Casper was the only male in the litter and I wanted a male, so not much of a choice. He's been one of the best dogs Ive ever had and has never had to see a vet other than routine care. Fatboy I also picked, but he was the only male left that wasnt sold. He's a bit if an ADD freak, but he's a cool dog.
  4. Meet my Chi that thinks he's a BC b/c he lives with them lol Bentley:
  5. I was hoping to see a good update today. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
  6. I have had male/female and male/male combos and both have worked out for me. I prefer male dogs, so now I have 2 boys.
  7. I uploaded a bunch of pics in the gallery section. Its called winter fun in Pa. Lots of winter pics =)
  8. IDK.... they are all cell phone pics. I imagine the sun in the summer pics over exposed them.. there is no sun here in pa today. Just fluffy white stuff LOL Thanks! He's a little ADD, but he is a cool dog. He is only 9 months old =)
  9. Here are some better pics from today. You can see his white more clear:
  10. Thanks for posting his pedigree guys. I couldn't figure it out *blushes* Chili is beautiful!!!! Her coloring is basically the same. Sorry for the poor quality photos. All of them are taken with a cell phone. It's all I have. Perhaps I will try to get better photos if I get a chance.
  11. Hmmm... I didnt think he had excessive white. His red merle coloring is however the lightest I've ever seen and he has one blue eye and one half green/half blue eye. His dad was def a tri. Mosty black. I'm not sure what you mean by hidden merle?? Here are some more picture:
  12. I dont have a camera handy and no they do not have a website. Perhaps I could email it to you? I got it made on a pedigree generator, but it came in HTML code.
  13. LOL!!! Duh me! I forgot! One of his is actually half green and half blue. It's cool looking =) Is there any website where you can upload a dog pedigree?? I cant get my scanner to work to copy his papers =(
  14. I did not take photos of sire and dam, but mother was a smooth blue eyed blue merle and father was a rough tri. I have his papers here..I'm going to upload it. Give me a few min and I will be back to post it.
  15. Among all the "Is that a Husky" questions I have been asked many times (by more knowledgeable dog ppl) if "Fatboy" is a double dilute. You tell me what color he is (I know he's a red merle), but what exaclty is double dilute and what does it/would it have to do with breeding him? (Not that I am, I'm merely curious to the genetics) Here is a puppy pic: Here is him now (9 months):
  16. I take it back.. there are a couple CPE clubs, but none near me Im about 45 min s of Erie pa
  17. Unfortunatly, there is only one USDAA club near me... all the others are 5hrs + ...I don't have much to choose from lol There are no CPE or NADAC clubs in PA
  18. Thanks Pat. And yes, you are correct. He is not a finished stock dog by any means, but I have worked hin on calves and small steers so he has more than the basics as far as obedience. I didn't use the traditional cues while working stock, but I figure who cares... as long as he knows what I want who cares what "command" I use LOL The older dog and I already have a working relationship, so I guess that is a big plus for agility as well. I'm guessing that the most work is going to directed towards the different surfaces and as you said, the targetting. That's something I've never done with him. As far as listening, well... I can take him off-leash anywhere and he will stay in a heel position until I "turn him loose." I worked hard to socialize him and work in distracting enviroments. It really pays off. I see dogs that dont have the socialization & the obedience... I wonder how people can deal with it. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to animals is untrained, unsocialized... and this goes for dogs AND horses. I expect people to be respectful towards me... I expect the same from my animals =) Thanks guys. All the info has been great!! Def keep it coming.
  19. Maybe someday I will get serious about it, but for now I'm just out for something different & fun. =) Casper is good with running beside me too... so I guess that will be a plus.
  20. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casper 9yr old BC Obedience trained (knows the basics with a few extra "tricks," has been on stock some. Never had any agility training. Questions: 1.) What kind of training would you do with him before the 1st beginner agility class? 2.) What should I expect at the first beginner Agility class? Weazle 8wk old BC Obviously, no training yet LOL Question: 1.) Where to start with training? What kind of things to teach him and what kind of things to NOT teach him? 2.) What kind of timeline have you used with your dogs? (Example: 8wks old - 6 mnths old basic obedience; 6 mnths - started [instert obstacle] training; 1 yr - jump training....etc.) I'll take all/any info you guys can send my way =) Thanks!
  21. Question guys.... I have never participated in Agility. I have watched it at shows, but I really don't know much about it. I racently learned of some classes in my area. They have a superb indoor facility. I'm interested in going to some beginner classes and seeing if Casper or I like it. My dilemma is this..... He is 9yrs old. He does not look or act his age and he has no health problems, no stiffness, etc and has never been injured. As you all know, he is obedience trained and has been on stock so he is a well trained dog. Do you think he is too old to start running agility? Also, I'd like to get the new up into it as well. What age do you guys usually start pups on the courses and such? Any opinions, concerns, etc?? Please post your input.
  22. Good luck with the whistle... I've had mine for 5 years and I still can't use the damn thing HAHA!!! Just teach your dogs their names.... then you can say "Bill come by" ..... "bob lay down"....... and they will each follow their commands.
  23. LOL... you guys crack me up!! I don't feel so bad now Thanks!
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