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  1. Hello to all-Well I have gotten real brave or crazy-not sure which!! I adopted a 5 month old Lab mix this weekend-really felt like Amica (5 mos) needed a playmate, She really wanted my 16 yr old beagle to play with her and it just was not gonna happen! Anyway I also have 10 and 6 year boys. Rather than trying to keep kids and dogs all involved in their seperate activities I would like to come up with something that all can do together! Any ideas for what might be the best activity for them?? Agility/Flyball-??? I have heard of summer camps where kids and pets go together-HMMMMM....I live in Northern VA.. What do yall think??
  2. Hello to Joeanne (otherwise known as Mom or Mammy) and Phoenix---When the boys (your grandsons) were teething I would wet a washcloth and stick it in the freezer and let them chew on that til it thawed. I believe someone else made this suggestion too. Love, your daughter and Phoenix's sister, Amica.
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