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  1. Has anyone tried the Invisible Fence or RadioFence? I have recently purchased one but the weather has not allowed us to start training with it yet. I would like some input on if this has worked for anyone out there. I too hate tying a dog and the expense of chainlink on 2 acres is not within my budget. Kelly
  2. Sorry, that won't get you there. Try http://communities.msn.co.uk/BorderColliep...alsFun/home.htm Kelly
  3. You know Val has a community at MSN, she sometimes has problems with it and is not listed very well. Her and I are the only ones there right now. You can post pictures, leave messages on the message board, start a chat room. It would be great fun if we could get some more people interested. The address is http://communities.msn.com/BorderColliesplusAgilityequalsFun I think Val is getting frustrated with it because no one can find it. Give a try and post new pix of Kelso. You have to get MSN Hotmail to be able to reach the communities. Hopefully you can figure it out and get some people interested. Kelly
  4. How old is Kelso? Is this the same pup in Val's contest? I want to do agility with Babe, but we have not done any formal training. I probably should look in to obedience first? She is smart as a whip and does very well in the house with no distractions, but outside is another story. She is about six months old now. I will probably wait until Spring, unless I find something indoors, I hate to be cold. Kelly
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