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  1. Pearl is a short medium length coat and she does shed plenty, but I've owned Samoyeds in the past (3 at once) so Pearls shedding seems like a drop in the bucket. One thing that i found that helped was once the shedding started i would take the sammies swimming as often as possible. a swim in the morning then a brushing and again in the afternoon and my house only needed sweeping every other day.
  2. Pearl is afraid of thunder and goes and hides and becomes totally unresponsive when thunder is anywhere near. I found that clipping a leash on her collar or a lead around her neck if she isn't wearing her collar she would respond to commands, then I could get her out where I could cuddle /comfort her. Good Luck.
  3. A small strip of paper folded lenghtwise a few times then folded in half,like a "V" shot from a rubber band in your hand. worked wonders on a very stubborn GSD mutt i once had. By holding my hands close to my body when shooting one off that dog never did figure where those flying things that hit her on the butt came from.
  4. Yesterday I took Pearl to the vet for DHLP and rabies booster shots, while there i told the vet that we needed more heartworm meds. She asked if i wanted Heartgard (what i've always given her) or Tri-Heart Plus, saying the Tri-Heart was alittle cheaper and protected against hookworms also. I did a search for Tri-Heart and came up with nothing. Does anyone know if one is better than the other? any drawbacks or precautions or any comments.
  5. thanks to everyone for your input. I still don't know if i am a BC snob or not, and i guess it does not really matter.I love my Border Collie and every minute i spend with her,which lucky for me is almost 24/7. I do know i'm blessed to have a BC in my life and would be doubly blessed if another BC joined my "pack". I am also glad that this forum exists and its members share their knowledge and i can get all the different points of view from the wide variety of BC owners here.
  6. All my life i've always loved all dogs, most of my life i have owned/been owned by atleast 2 cannine-americans. For years my favorite breed were mutts from the shelter, then i met Pearl. I've been wanting to get her a BC playmate. My landlords raise and train Golden Retrievers as service dogs to work with autistic children and have a network of people and GR rescues that bring her GR's to rescue/evaluate for service dog work. When a dog does not have the necessary qualities for service work they search the country for a good forever home for the dog. Recently my landlady asked me if i wanted "charlie" , about 6/7 months, sweet, cuddly,smart stray that someone brought her. I was so tempted to say i would take him, but I turned down the offer, saying I would rather have another BC. I don't know if i will ever want anything other than more BC's. Have I become a BC snob or am I just another human who has fallen for the uniqueness of BC's?
  7. Pearl used to do that also. I put her on her leash, gave her the sit command then tied the leash to a spike driven in the ground, gave the stay command and moved a few feet away and gave the sit command. when she would do that i would untie her then play for a few minutes then tie her up again, increase the distance and repeat.when she had mastered that i found i could use a "staysit" command. After 5 years i now usually give a "stay" hand signal then verbal "sit" when i need to reenforce the sit at distance command
  8. Hi, i've been reading these boards for about 2 years,i just registered and am looking for a link i found some time ago. it was a link to a site that had simple directions to teach a dog weave poles using side barriers. i would like to get my girl Pearl into weave poles to keep her mind occupied,can anyone point me to such a site? by the way i'm the dummy , my BC can outsmart me easily.
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