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  1. Nellie has a somewhat weird fear that has been coming out more lately. She is extremely freaked out by the toaster. If we go near it or use it she starts to slink away to her crate.
  2. Most of our trips are with Nellie so we don't have to worry about it. We have a pet sitter come in for the cats and to take care of the house. In a couple weeks we will be going to Boston for a long weekend without Nellie, so it will be a pet sitter to come and take care of her a couple times a day. We used to count on family until we found out that they would come once every three days to let the dog out. The last trip without Nellie they said to just bring her up to their house with her crate and she could stay in the crate in the garage. That is when we got the petsitter and now we don'
  3. We don't have a A&W near here but we had a Ritters Frozen Custard down the street that through the summer would have dog night out the first Monday of each month. Every dog would get a small dish of frozen custard free. Nellie loved it and if we say ice cream she is at the door to the garage wanting to go.
  4. Nellie does that with her frisbee sometimes. She will drop it take a couple steps and pee right in it. I usually make her bring it backto me since the pee will run out when she picks it up. She just stands there and looks at me like "Dad, there's pee in it I don't wanna touch it"
  5. Our rescue experience was tremendous. We initially saw Nellie on the Mo-Kan website the day that our previous BC passed away and there was something about her. The biggest issue was that we lived in Ohio and she was in Kansas City. We sent an email to see if they would even consider adopting that far away and they were open to it. We filled out the application and had interviews on the phone and they did talk to our references. They put us in touch with the two foster homes that Nellie had so we could get more info on her to see if we though it would be a match. Every one was very helpfu
  6. I can somewhat relate, except around here we have a multitude of cats running lose all the time. Nellie pretty much ignores her cats (she has three of them) but there is a particular ginger male cat that likes to set outside the door and tease her. She really does not appreciate that, which gets her running through the house barking out each of the doors. This cat has even stalked her when she is laying out in the yard with her back turned. I really don't understand some people.
  7. Nellie will usually get her kongs full of some of her kibble and pumpkin. We freeze it and she really enjoys it, and it takes a while for her to finish it. I would recommend trying different things to see what she will like the best. We tried the kong peanut butter spray in it and she totally hated that. Don't feel bad about asking so many questions, that is how you learn. Oh Welcome to the boards.
  8. Nellie does this also either on the fingers or the ankle (dang ankle-biter ). We haven't been too worried about it since it is gentle, however, we have some friends that come over with teenage girls (i.e. drama queens) that see this and are convinced that Nellie is going to attack them and tear them limb for limb We will usually just keep her away from people like this and it hasn't really been a problem. I am sure others will be along with more advice soon.
  9. All my DW has to do is let out a frustrated heavy sigh and Nellie is on her way to her crate with her head down, tail tucked, looking like we had just beat her. Nellie still cannot be in the room when the DW is watching a football game.
  10. Happy Gotcha Day. Hope you get some good treats and some spoiling
  11. Well I can answer the question about a border collie getting into the coffee. Right after we got Nellie, my family came in for Thanksgiving and we were walking them out as they were leaving and walked in to this Of course we were very concerned since she really did not like to give us a break from the frisbee. About a half hour later we saw this. So I guess Karrie is right, coffee will actually calm them down.
  12. We had a similar problem years ago with our last BC. She would scratch her nose raw and would go outside and rub her muzzle on the ground and the fence. It turned out that she had a tooth that was broken and infected, which was also infecting her muzzle from the inside. She needed antibiotics and the tooth pulled and it all cleared up. Don't know if this is your problem but may be something to look into.
  13. Hi Inu, if you have any questions let me know I will try to answer that is not a problem. I would agree with Tassie that the methods may not be the best for a very fearful dog. When they first started with Nellie, instead of throwing the chains, we just clapped our hands to get her attention. We did not totally follow all there suggestions, which is why Nellie is still graded at a "C"
  14. We have used Bark Busters when we first got Nellie. She had some issues with fear and confidence that we were not having a lot of luck with. I think how good the system works would depend on who the trainer is for your area and how well they communicate with you and your dog. I think we paid around $400 which is for the lifetime of the dog. If we have new issues, we can call and he will come back out, and we have had him out a few times since we started. He also went through the preliminary stuff and asked if it was something we wanted to continue and if not he would leave, no obligati
  15. We are from Hilliard on the northwest side of Columbus.
  16. I was thinking that it could be the browser they are using. I used to use Firefox and certain sites would not load at all but with Internet Explorer most pages work. I really do not like IE but the DW was threatening bodily harm if things didn't start working better
  17. Something that I looked into while we were going through a particularly rainy period and virtually no grass in the back yard was to get astroturf for the yard. In my searching, I have found astroturf made specifically for pets. Don't know how the system works or the cost, DW told me that i was crazy and was calling someone to have me locked up. Here is a link, it is called K9 Grass . If I ever hit the lottery, our yard may be replaced with this stuff. It looks like they sell in smaller quanitities. There is something about a person making a pet area on their balcony in Chicago.
  18. Welcome from a fellow Ohioan. Lots of good information here
  19. Bobby sounds very similar to Nellie in their actions during a storm. What we have done for Nellie is give her a crate that she can sleep in and when a storm comes she is either in the crate in our room, in the bathtub or behind the toilet. We also try to ignore her so we don't reinforce the scared behavior. Nellie is also very soft emotionally. If there are any raised voices or upset tones of voice, she will jump up and run for her crate looking very disturbed. Bobby probably has not ever been in a house, if he was a farm dog, but could probably be trained to come in the house and be m
  20. The overcast skies may be a clue as to what is going on. Our Nellie is very in touch with the weather fronts as they make there way through Ohio. She will act a lot like this as the fronts approach and usually it is anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before the front makes it to us. Apparently she can sense the change in the pressure and does not want to go outside and when we first got her if we tried to take her on a walk she would do the same type of things and will still stand in front of us and look like "You realize we will die if we don't get back in the house NOW". It probably took us a
  21. Congrats!!! :cool: The people at MoKan are a really good group and I hope that you really enjoy Sydney, she looks like a really fun dog. Enjoy.
  22. Happy Gotcha Day Fynne and Happy Belated Gotcha Day to Boy. Hope he is feeling better
  23. I really wanted to go, even told DW last year not to plan anything that either we were going, or Nellie and I would go ourselves... so of course we now have a 40th birthday party, graduation party and a close friends wedding all on the 20th at the same time spread out around central Ohio, northwestern Ohio and Pennsylvania. Looks like we won't be going this year
  24. Last year we stayed on Sunset Beach on the golf course, which was 1 mile from the beach. It was a really nice place, but not on the beach. The link is here For this year, we looked into going to Oak Island, which is about 30 minutes from Wilmington and probably 45 minutes to 1 hour from Myrtle Beach. Most of the units will accept pets, but we were not sure of the accomodations and it got somewhat costly for two people and a dog. There website is Oak Island rentals We really enjoy the Ocean Isle area, which is half way between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington and has a very family friend
  25. We found a tick on Nellie Wednesday night and are a little concerned right now about tick diseases. We have talked to the vet and he told us to look for lethargy, vomiting, diareha (sp?), and lack of appetite. The tick was engorged, so it had been on her for a while. The vet said that there isn't much in the way of tick diseases here but to keep an eye on her. She has not really had a lack of appetite, has continued with her frisbee and walks without any noticeable problems, however, she did vomit today and has been more interested in going outside than eating dinner. I guess I was
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