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  1. It's great to hear that she is doing well. Here's hoping for many more happy days with her.
  2. Congratulations on getting the puppy home. She sure is a cute one.
  3. Yea, she was very proud of herself, until the water hose came out, then not so much. We really do enjoy making the trip to KC, but man was it hot out there this year. Usually Nellie will not even get in water without a lot of coaxing, but she just walked in a flopped in the mud. Thank goodness for the border collie teflon fur.
  4. We haven't tried the other recipes, but Nellie will say that the frosty paw recipe is awesome. And just a little brag for Nellie, if you go to MoKan's home page, Nellie is the link to the pictures from the reunion, looking very proud of herself laying in the mud to cool off.
  5. I would think PB also, he looks a lot like our Nellie. This isn't the best picture but she has the same tail curled over her back and now that she has been with us for a while has much more tail feathers.
  6. You could also try Oak Island or look at Pet Friendly Travel for ideas. We haven't stayed at Oak Island, but did spend some time there this past May and it seemed like a really nice beach. Hope these help
  7. Way to go, Woobie. You've come a long way with him, keep up the good work.
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