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  1. Nellie has been fine with most elevators, and we have stayed in places where she is riding the elevator multiple times a day and to some pretty high floors. The only time I have noticed a problem was in Kansas City and it was a glass elevator. Once it started moving that really freaked her out, but she seems fine with the others.


    Good luck and I am sure he will be fine.

  2. We bought this one from Fosters & Smith probably in 2005 or so and it still is in pretty good shape. We use it for all trips and it does fold flat and has the metal tubing for the frame. At this point we just leave the door open and she comes and goes as she pleases, but it does seem to have held up well.


    Here she is crashed out in it last summer in St Louis after her run in with the cannons after the Cardinals game.



  3. We just had Nellie's teeth cleaned earlier this year and she is 10 years old. We also had some X-rays and a mass removed from her belly. Our vet said that there is a different type of anesthesia used for older dogs. She came through fine and I am sure that your guy will do fine also.


    I would highly recommend the pre procedure bloodwork and EKG to be safe. I believe our vet used propofol on Nellie, which did concern me a little, but I trust our vet and knew he would do whatever he could to make sure she was ok.

  4. It could be the change in food. We had changed Nellie's food a few years ago from Taste of the Wild Bison to Taste of the Wild Lamb formula. It was probably a week or two after the complete switch that she started having issues. If the main protein source changed in the food, that could be the problem. We have pretty much determined that she is allergic to Lamb.


    Hope she feels better soon.

  5. I am sorry to hear this. We are having similar issues with our Nellie right now due to the amount of neighborhood fireworks being set off. She will go outside on her own, but it is basically out to do her business and then she wants back in. She loves our neighbor and will play with her as long as she will throw the frisbee and she wouldn't really go outside for her either.


    We are still having people firing off fireworks now and apparently have found some larger firecrackers, since something scared her enough that she had to hide in the closet under all of the Christmas decorations and old computers. Unfortunately, she had surgery last week and we are trying to keep her still so she doesn't pull her stitches out.


    If he is like Nellie has been in the past, once things settle down, he should relax more outside and get back to normal. I would recommend keeping him on leash or at least a long line so you will be able to catch him easier if he does bolt. We were in St Louis a few weeks ago and when the baseball game ended, they set off a barrage of cannons. We thought we would never be able to get hold of her, but she stopped in the middle of the road when the cannons started.


    I hope things quiet down around your place soon. I think there are a lot of dogs that could use a break from all of these things.

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