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  1. Thanks for the good info, Diane, and the really informative sites - gives a much better idea of what I might be looking at in the future. Your pups must never have a chance to be bored, that's really a plus with the training, isn't it? As for turning my garage into a building area for exercise equipment instead of a car - that's a novel concept, keeping a car there. Do people actually keep CARS in their garages? Thanks again, Doris
  2. Thanks, guys, gives me a better idea of what I'll be looking at in the future; I WILL wait til she's older on your advice. You're right, Val, the obedience is first and I'm afraid I(we) haven't quite mastered the come yet, at least not all the time. Deej will come only if she 'feels like it' although she's pretty good at sit stays and down stays, too much playful puppy in her for the time being. Tricks have been fairly easy; she'll do spins in the air,and shake/high fives, too. Don't know the training lingo, what is the see saw? Maybe I could find a competition somewhere around just to see what's going on. Doris
  3. My BC is now almost 8 months old and I've had her for about two months. In this time, I've done my best at teaching her obedience, am just about finished with a puppy training class. What is obedience and agility training all about? Deej loves to run and esp. to retrieve a ball over and over. Can you teach a puppy the weave poles and flyball without a formal setting? Don't know if I'd find one where I live but would try. Have an idea that she would take to flyball but it seems to require a lot of training, at least the right training. I have no interest in showing her, just in her being the best she can be at what she likes. Gee, that sounds more like what I want, doesn't it, or does it? Can anyone walk me through what it takes to get her started? Bless you in advance, my child. Guess I also need to ask how to tell whether or not she would be suited. Doris
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