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  1. Be very, very careful with socks. I recently visited my vet, and he showed me an x-ray of a dogs stomach that had a sock in the intestion. The doctor said they would most likely have to put the dog down because it would be to dangerous to operate. Due to the high risk of infection to other organs from opening the intestine. And, the dogs quality of life would never be the same if it survived the surgery.
  2. Acer is very ticklish. If you scratch him under his neck, or rub over his ribs he starts kicking his leg. It's almost to the point of obsessive. If you just pet him for moment on his head he will get tickled and start kicking his leg again.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the advise. I will try the "legs off the floor" routine and be more consistent in repremands. I have tried rolling him over on his back, pinning him down, and firmly telling him "No"! sometimes he will submit, and other times he will struggle to get up, growl and bark at me while trying trying to show his teeth. As to why I haven't spoken to the breeder. it's a long story, but he's no where to be found in the state of Oklahoma where I got Ace back in May. I do know he comes from good breeding. I have had a few dogs in my life, but this is my first full blood BC. He is going to be a wonderful dog I just know it and look forward to working with him and watching him grow and learn new things. Can you tell me what is the main difference between a "lock eye BC" and a non "lock eye BC? The breeder worked his dogs with cattle and told me the LE/BC actually "locks his eyes on the sheep, or cow's eyes" in his case, and more or less commands them which way to move by moving his eyes. I have tried to research this idea, but haven't actually found this to be the case. Any thoughts? Thanks again for all the info. I really love this "forum". Great people with dogs, who want to help other people with dogs.
  4. My Lockeyed BC Acer is 4 months old. He is smart and is learning basic commands. But we are having a problem with "biting". He doesn't bite real hard, but hard enough to hurt with his sharp puppy teeth. It appears he is doing it out of affection, but he also lunges at your face if you correct him for biting. A couple of times he has nipped my daughters on the nose. Whenever he does this I tell him no as I grab him by the snout. After this he will lick me like he is sorry. But he continues to do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you very much "J" for the info. and link. I've always, since a child fed our dogs Purina. But after reading all the posts, I will go to one of the pet stores in a box and check out the not so commercial foods for my pup Acer. Thanks again.....
  6. I've read all these posts and still don't know what to feed my three month old puppy. Can anyone recommend a brand? Thanks
  7. Thanks Sheryl for your info. I guess you're right it depends on the dog. I would think a puppy woud be easier to teach this to than an older dog.
  8. Does anyone use an electric invisible fence with their Border Collies and have they had good luck with it? I had a previous dog and he did great, never broke the invisible line even when it was turned off. Do you think a Border Collie puppy could be taught to not cross the line, or do you feel the breed is too smart or hyper to keep contained with out a real fence? Thanks, Harley's Dad
  9. :confused: "Harley" is four months old and new to our family. We are trying to house break him with very slow progress. When we take him outside, he will do his "potty" within five minutes. After we bring him back inside and play a few minutes, he will start sniffing around and then pee on the floor right in front of you. If we leave him in his crate for a couple of hours he will pee inside and lay in it. I always heard that a dog will not go to the bathroom in the same place he sleeps. Not so with Harley. Any help or training tips would truly be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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