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  1. I found some really interesting web sites about Hip Displasia and Collie Eye Anolomy. Here they are: This one is about CERf (Canine Eye Registry foundation): http://www.vmdb.org/cerf.html This one is a Hip Report Sample: http://www.offa.org/samplecerts.html#hiprpt Very good information if you are a novice like me.
  2. Barb S, You said, What would I look for on the paper work? Could you type up a sample on here?
  3. I am interested in getting a BC from a breeder,but how can I be sure that the parents and the puppies were tested for hip dysplasia and collie eye anolomy? How can I be sure that the breeders are not lying?
  4. Hey, could anybody answer ANOTHER question of mine? Here it is: IF I get a BC will agility keep it somewhat occupied? :confused: Thank You!
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