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  1. The last thing I would do is chase after her when she is "taunting" you. I have a dog (not a BC) who does the exact same thing, and what worked best for me was to completely ignore him when he was doing that. It drove him crazy that every time he would come near me, I would walk in the other direction. f you give her no reinforcement for the bad behavior, but give her rewards when she is near you, I think that would be a step in the right direction. I also like Barb Scott's idea. Don't chase her, have her chase you. Along with that, calling her to you frequently for a treat or toy is a great idea. Don't just call her when you're going to put the leash on.
  2. I got a picture of his ear confusion, it's so extreme that it's hilarious.. I'll post it later today.
  3. I believe it is legal, although I don't agree with it. I have a papillon, and some of the people I've met with the same breed have all their dogs debarked just because they have a very loud, shrill bark. Personally I'm against this. I feel that it's easier and kinder just to train the dog to be quiet. People are so lazy...
  4. I just read something that was sent to me regarding the 'cosmetic surgery/procedures' that AKC show dogs go through.. (It's RIDICULOUS!!) So for my response: NOO thank you, I'll keep my Koda's confused ears any day.. All this 'beauty king/queen stuff is much too complicated and IMO unnecessary. like it was said, ear confusion won't affect his ability or desire to work.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I think that was the advice I was hoping to get. Since I have NO intention of showing him in conformation, and since those ears aren't going to affect his ability to herd, I'm not going to mess with them. The more I see them, the more they grow on me. (I'll have to get a picture when one is up and one is down, it's so funny) BTW, WIRES in the ears? Just my opinion, but that's ridiculous and unnecessary, and one of the reasons I'm keeping Dakota away from the show ring. Thanks again for the replies, and I'll be sure to get more pics of his wacky little ears.
  6. I did a search for topics like this and didn't come up with anything that answered my question, so I'll post it here. Dakota, my 11 week old BC, started out with two perfect, 'tipped down' ears. After a few days, his right ear began to perk up, but his left ear stayed down. Now, his right ear is almost 90% erect (the tip just flops down every once in awhile) and the left ear hasn't even BEGUN to strengthen. (It's as flat and floppy as possible, almost like a small, high-set labrador ear) I was just wondering if, in your guys' opinions, the lazy left ear will ever perk up? If not, (REALLY not sure if I want to do this, I have to think about it.. I'm usually not one for interfering with cosmetic things like that) can taping the ear up help 'even things out' at all, if the left ear won't perk up on its own? My friend suggested that I tape his ear, I personally kinda LIKE the look of ear confusion, I think it adds character, but what are your opinions on a lazy ear?
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