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  1. Hi all, I have a 5 yr old Border Collie (Jody) whom I have worked with in the past with basic obedience. She did very well (best in her class, of course), and is a very obedient dog. I am now in the process of getting a new puppy (Australian Shepherd), and I thought I would begin working more with Jody's training as a way of making sure I give her some extra attention when the new pup arrives. With training her in the past, she was very eager to learn and succeeded quite well, but I found that most of the 'correction' methods (leash/collar jerks, etc) that were taught in obedience classes just seemed a little harsh with her submissive personality. She always seemed to pick things up better when I would informally work with her at home with strictly positive reinforcement. Lately, I have been reading up a bit on clicker training, and am considering trying it with her. Do any of you have any experience with clicker training and how it works with Border Collies and their unique personalities? Jody is so smart and eager to learn that I think any method would work fine with her...but I would like to find the method that is the most 'fun' for her. Thanks for any insight you can give. Sandi - mom to: Jody (5 yr BC) Rowdy (6 week Aussie - get him in two weeks!)
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