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  1. Willow doesn't like the surround sound either. It doesn't bother the other dogs at all. Willow goes upstairs and lays in the hall when the surround sound is on. She will come downstairs once in a while. When she does, she sits still, ears moving, eyes wide with a worried look on her face. She listens to every sound. She won't stay downstairs, though. She will come back down to stay when the surround sound is off.
  2. That is so sweet! It seems like old people are either super cranky or super wonderful! I let my dogs run off leash in our grassy common area, and there is a little old lady, probably also in her 70's, who lives alone. She has told me that she loves to sit in the window and watch my dogs play fetch and frisbee. She said it brings her joy to see the dogs acting so silly and happy and having so much fun. One day I was outside but I was up further by my house and she came out and asked me if I could move down towards her house so she could watch the dogs.
  3. Oh, duh. It is Milford. Ok, my grandmother lives in Milford. Maybe I'll ask her to go out scouting!
  4. I'm from Hunterdon County. My family still lives there and many of my friends. Do you know what part of Hunterdon she lost it in? I'll forward this information and make some calls. Hunterdon County is full of wealthy, good people. I hope one of them finds her dog!
  5. This thread gave me a good giggle. Bailey will fart in the morning when he wakes up and does his stretching. Sometimes Ginger will fart and she will sniff her butt. Such class!
  6. My dogs don't clear the room, but my husband sure can! Canidae doesn't make my dogs gassy at all. I agree with the others, you may want to try less of a mix and see if that helps.
  7. My dogs haven't gotten to try it yet (5 dogs total in household = too expensive) but my cat has been eating it for about 1.5 months. She is doing well on it. I have researched the quality and it seems like a very good food. We feed Canidae now, but I'd like to start rotating the Taste of the Wild dog food in once in a while.
  8. Willow weighs about 29 lbs, Bailey weighs about 41 lbs and Ginger weighs about 55 lbs. Oops, editing for age. Willow is somewhere around 4 or 5, Bailey is 5 and Ginger will be 4 in February. All are very lean.
  9. I let my dogs play like this outside, but not in the house. If they start I use "settle" and they revert to some gentler playing. Bailey and Ginger LOVE to play this way and they have never hurt each other. They are also very vocal, lots of neck grabbing and leg grabbing while flying around the house like nut cases.
  10. There are trials going on this weekend, January 18 and 19 in Buckeye, AZ. They are being run by the AZ Herding Association. Sorry if this was already posted - I did a quick scan and didn't see anything. Here is the website http://www.azwags4wishes.com/
  11. Vitamin E oil works really well. Just rub it all over the nose a few times a day.
  12. I use the crate to restrict activities. I know that it seems harsh to keep an injured dog crated for most of the day and night, but in the long run you lessen the risk of the dog doing more serious harm. If one of my dogs needs to be crated due to injury, I will go buy lots of yummy bones and chews that I wouldn't ordinarily give. Also lots of kongs stuffed with yogurt, peanut butter, etc. I also move the crate to whichever room everyone else is hanging out in. My dogs usually sleep through the night so I will let them out and hook the leash to something in the bedroom so they can stretch out but not go running around the house.
  13. I agree with Liz. Set the food down for 15-20 minutes and then put it away. Your dog will learn that there is only a certain amount of time to eat.
  14. Yes, my husband needs to establish himself as the leader with his dogs. This has less to do with reinforcing Odin's dominance over Kato and much more to do with my husband establishing himself as the leader of both of his dogs. My dogs look to me as a leader and we stopped NILF a long time ago. They still look to me as a leader. They listen. They read my body language. As an example, if we are outside playing and some dog goes strolling by with his owner, my dogs look to me for direction. I may call them to me. I may ask them to stay. I may let them go say hi. I may have them all sit and wait. They don't just go running off like crazy dogs. That is just one small example. They see me as their leader. Then they have their own pack dynamics that I don't try to change. My husband is not very good with training his dogs. Kato is getting better with basic commands, thanks to me. His dogs don't have a solid stay or a solid recall. I think these two commands are very important. He will give a command and his dogs will ignore him. His dogs listen better to me than to him because I have been working on establishing my leadership with them. Using NILF will help him to establish this and to work on training his dogs at the same time.
  15. 1. She did tell us that the pack dynamics change depending on place, room, situation etc. 2. She does not agree with this statement. 3. She did not tell us to treat Odin as if he were the special, dominant dog. She just told my husband to have the dogs work for everything, even attention. Ask them to sit. Have them do a command for their food. Basically, using NILF. 4. Our husky has never had an innate desire to please. He acts like a cat. Very aloof and stubborn. 5. She does not think rewards are bribes, but does use positive reinforcement and not punishment. 6. I let her know that I will sit down and pet Kato when he is fearful of someone and that he will then let the person pet him. She did not disagree with this. 7. She did not tell me to punish any of the dogs if they growled. She went over some dog language with us. 8. Odin loves tug. It is his favorite game with my husband. He is not interested in treats. She told him to use a quick game of tug as a reward. 9. My dogs only chew their chew toys. 10. She definitely thinks you can modify genetic behavior by some degree. I guess she doesn't agree with the myths!
  16. Well, we took Kato to the behaviorist yesterday. We also took Odin so that she could see how the two of them interact. She said that Odin is definitely the dominant dog and that Kato was showing submissive behaviors towards Odin. She did not see any aggression between the two of them. She does feel that Kato needs to build his confidence and that my husband needs to do better at establishing himself as the "leader". She gave us many tips about how to interact with all of the dogs in our household. She already knows all of mine from our training together. She gave my husband tips on how he should be interacting with Kato and Odin. We got some of Patricia McConnell's small handouts/books to read as well as some other handouts from the behaviorist. She spent some time with my husband showing him how he should start training his dogs and how to reward them. She agreed that the anxiety meds would definitely help Kato right now. My husband signed up for a training class with Kato that starts soon in order to learn how to train his dogs and to build Kato's confidence level. We were advised to keep Kato and Odin apart unless they are being supervised, just in case, which we planned on doing anyway. Kato is still freaking out in his crate. In fact, I am webcamming him while I'm at work so that if I need to I can run home. So far he goes between bouts of trying to escape and bouts of laying down and napping. I wish it didn't take a month or so for his anxiety meds to kick in! I hope it will help him with these panic attacks. I bought Ginger a new crate and gave Kato her old one in case he destroys it. We put a piece of sheet metal under the crate so he can't get to the carpet. He doesn't seem to be trying extremely hard to get out right now, nor does he seem like he is going to hurt himself. Mostly a lot of barking and digging at the corners of the crate. I'll go home if it looks like he is going to hurt himself. It does not seem like we have a major problem between Kato and Odin, thank goodness! However, we will never be leaving them alone together, just in case. We will be keeping a very close eye on their interactions. Odin got his stitches out and doesn't have to wear his lampshade anymore. We have not seen any aggression between him and Kato at home. I hope that soon we can get back to a somewhat normal routine! Thank you everyone who gave me suggestions!
  17. Odin's face is still stitched up from Kato's bite. The vet told us to go back in 10-14 days to have them removed. She said that she recommended waiting the full fourteen days before bringing him in to have them removed, to be on the safe side.
  18. First dog as a child: The first dog I remember was a white shepherd/husky type of dog. First dog as an adult: Golden Retriever who went into cardiac arrest and passed away when he was two. Why a BC? I couldn't bear to even look at a Golden without crying my eyes out, so no more Goldens. My ex-boyfriend's family had a BC and I thought she was the smartest, coolest dog. I decided that was the type of dog I wanted. Did you do research? I knew what I was getting into. First BC: Bailey - He is 5 years old. I've had him since he was about 9 weeks old. He may have been a little older. What made you want to get another? I had only Bailey for a long time. Then I moved in with my boyfriend, who had a dog. Eventually we broke up and he moved out. Bailey seemed very lonely without another dog around. So along came Ginger! What have you done with your dogs? obedience, agility, herding, traveling How many BC's? three now How many do you have now? the same three What "quirks" have you noticed with all your dogs? They don't really have any "quirks". They all do weird things, but I wouldn't say they have "quirks". Willow licks her nylabones clean before she will chew on them. She will take the super long way to get from here to there by staying on sidewalks instead of running through the grass. When I take away all the toys Bailey will begin to collect anything he can find that he thinks I might throw for him. Some of the things he has brought me: paperclips, balls of fuzz, Christmas bulb from the tree, rubber band, cat toys, etc. I used to bring him to my classroom on weekends and he would bring me every piece of garbage, every pencil, anything that the students had left on the floor. Ginger is pretty normal. City dog or county dog? City dogs, but we would love to buy land! Would you ever get another breed? No, probably not.
  19. You may want to try something else as a reward other than treats. Like a quick frisbee toss if that is what he likes. I use a quick toss of a ball for Bailey's reward because he lives for fetch. He loses interest in treats, but never in a ball!
  20. Two and a half months isn't that long. You will most likely start to see more personality once he gets used to his new living situation. When I adopted Willow all she did was lay around for a LONG time. By long I mean about 6-8 months before I started to see some personality. It took about a year to see her true personality. I would take her and my other two BCs out to play and she would just lay there. No interest in playing with them or me. No interest in treats. No personality at all! I thought she was sick, but she got a clean bill of health from the vet. She just seemed to have no energy whatsoever. Now she is full of energy and has quite the personality! You will most likely see more personality, energy and interest in things in time. Good luck and don't lose faith!
  21. It depends. I let Willow sleep on the bed because she stays at the bottom, doesn't get on and off all night and she barely moves. She also doesn't shed all that much. Sometimes I'll let Bailey on but he moves around too much, constantly waking us up. Ginger prefers her bed on the floor. I actually have to invite her up and convince her to come up on the bed with me. My husband's dogs don't come up on the bed to sleep. His husky sheds way too much and Kato takes up too much space. Sometimes in the morning he'll let his two up on the bed to cuddle with him before he gets up though. There are some nights that we just want a peaceful sleep and we will put all of the dogs in their crates to sleep. No jumping on and off the bed, no crazy dog games in the middle of the night, no running downstairs to bark at a strange noise outside. Ahhh, those peaceful nights! The dog hair also bothers me. I hate laying down to a bunch of dog hair all over. Especially when you pull the covers up and you get dog hair up your nose and in your mouth! Yuck! The night before washing the bedding I will invite all the dogs up to cuddle with me while I'm reading a book in bed. They might even sleep there, as long as I don't have to have another night with sheets covered in dog hair.
  22. I don't notice a whole lot of difference between my male BC and my females. I think a lot of it is personality. My male doesn't mark in the house. He was neutered around 6 months. He really doesn't do a lot of marking outside, either. He pees a river in one place and is pretty much done until next time. Once in a while I'll see him mark when we are out walking, the rest of the time he is too focused on the ball or whatever we are doing to go around marking. My females are more snappy and snarky, that is for sure. Otherwise, they each have their own and very different personalities.
  23. We took Kato to the vet today. His health checked out fine, no hidden problems from the fight. We talked to the vet about his behavior and how he now freaks out in his crate now. We talked a little about our pack dynamics, but I think the behaviorist will be better able to help us with that. The vet did agree that Kato has fear issues, and the fact that he did so much damage to Odin could have been out of fear or feeling cornered by Odin. They were in the corner by the stairs, so maybe this is true. He talked a bit about fear aggression. He feels that Kato was also not socialized as a puppy, which has led to some of his behavior. He gave some suggestions on how to interact with the Kato and Odin. Most of what he said I was already aware of and I'm glad Kato is ok healthwise. We did not draw blood because the vet felt that in most of these situations it has to do with pack dynamics and the dog's personality/issues rather than a health problem. He did say that if our behaviorist wants us to have blood drawn for tests he would fit us in early next week. The vet talked to us about anxiety meds for Kato - the pros and cons. He prescribed Clomicalm for him (we got the generic version). I wouldn't normally resort to meds, but we feel that because Kato is showing such signs of stress, separation anxiety and fearfulness it will help. The vet told us he recommends using it for about 5 months while we work with the behaviorist, then to ease him off of it. Kato has always been a bit fearful and unpredictable and the vet felt that the fight has worsened fear/issues. We meet with the behaviorist on Sunday.
  24. There isn't a reason we can't switch. Most people I know that have dogs who want out of the crate have been able to bend the plastic to open the door and escape. Kato is about 60 pounds and strong. I'm worried that we would spend the money and he'd ruin it. Bailey and Willow have the airline type but they are too small to switch Kato to. Do you think these type would be harder to break out of?
  25. I can relate! If I have something to do after work, I will come home around 8 or 9 pm and ask, "Are the dogs fed?" The answer I always get is, "I was just about to feed them." Um, sure you were. The cat is 100% my responsibility, which is fine because I had her before he moved in and he is not a cat person at all. I just think that since we both had dogs before moving in together, he should take more responsibility for his two. I have his two with me today at work. Normally I bring my dogs and they looked so upset when I left without them!
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