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  1. Bailey, Ginger and Willow pretty much follow my schedule. They will hang out until I go to bed. After their last potty break they head upstairs with me. That is usually around 11:00p.m. They sleep until I wake up, which is between 6:00 and 7:00am. Sometimes they are up earlier, but they sit quietly, watching me. I can feel their eyes on me! The second I open my eyes they are all wiggly and excited that I'm awake. There usually isn't any return to sleeping after that! If we are visiting somebody, they will go find a quiet spot around 10:00p.m. to go to sleep. When we get in the car they will pass out again for the ride home. Once home they will head right to sleep. My husband's husky, Odin, does not like to be out visiting past his bedtime. He will start to pace back and forth near the door around 10:00p.m. He wants to go home to go to bed. He is becoming an old man!
  2. boomerangtags.com Excellent quality ID tags at a great price!
  3. I love Boomerang tags! That is what the dogs have now, but I need to change my last name on the tag due to getting married last fall. I just changed my last name on their city license info, so I want to make sure the tags match to avoid any kind of confusion should they ever end up lost.
  4. I'm just curious what information you put on your dog's ID tag. I need to order new tags for the dogs. Normally, I just put dog's name, my name, my phone number and an alternate number, microchip ID number and microchip company phone number. Before I order I'm curious to see what everyone else puts on their dog's ID tag. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July! We were at a friend's house here in Tucson. They have fake (plastic) grass and Bailey and Ginger ended up with torn pads. They weren't even running around all that much but I guess the stuff is pretty abrasive. It doesn't feel too bad, but I guess I was wrong. Ginger's pads aren't as bad as Bailey's pads are. I had to carry him outside this morning! He doesn't even want to walk, poor guy. Sometimes this happens 20 minutes after running around the parks and washes here. I hate it! We need to move back to a place with real grass! Anyway, I'd like to purchase some dog booties for everyday running around. I need a pair that will stay on while they are playing fetch and racing around. I read through the old threads, but they had mostly to do with snow booties. Can you recommend a sturdy pair that will stay on and not tear or fall off? Price really doesn't matter as long as they are worth it. They will be wearing them in the desert - lots of dirt and rocks. Thanks!
  6. We didn't trust Kato out of the crate. Along with the zip ties, we did put him in his crate for short periods of time when we were home. We fed him in his crate. I climbed into the crate with him sometimes and just hung out with him. I left treats in his crate for him to find when he wasn't locked in his crate. We used anti-anxiety meds from the vet for about 4 months. I web cammed him and if he started to really freak out I went home to give him a break from the crate. He is fine now and happily goes into his crate. We have taken off the zip ties as well and haven't had any problems. Oh, we also consulted a behaviorist and took an obedience class with Kato. The class seemed to help him build some confidence.
  7. We had the same problem with Kato (not a BC). What finally worked was the wire crate and about 70 heavy duty zip ties! For a while we actually zip tied the door shut as well and we would have to cut off the zip ties to let him out. We went to Home Depot and got a large piece of sheet metal to put under the crate to protect the rug.
  8. I also stuff kongs with a mixture of some dry food, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, carrots or fruit. I have never tried cream cheese - it isn't very healthy so I never even considered it. I do use peanut butter for Bailey and Ginger. But with Willow it ends up coming out looking the same as when it went in. Yuck! Be sure to cut back on normal food intake so you don't end up overfeeding! No fat dogs!
  9. Aside from the dangers that others have mentioned, I've noticed that when my dogs drink unfiltered Tucson water or are in a pool swimming they pee LARGE amounts after. I think it is the chlorine. They can drink just as much filtered water as the city water and not pee nearly as much. I give them filtered water at home, but if we are at the park or at a friends, they drink the city water and have to pee way too often.
  10. Bailey LOVES to lick the bar of soap that hubby uses - I think it is Irish Spring. I'm sure he'd eat it if he had the chance. I remember getting soap in my mouth when I was younger when I swore and it tastes disgusting! Not sure why dogs like it!
  11. Willow and Ginger's feet smell like Fritos. Bailey's feet really don't have a smell.
  12. Dental cleanings are important because, just as with humans, the bacteria from infected gums can enter your dog's bloodstream and cause illness. One of my dog's teeth are great (the oldest dog - go figure!) but I was told at the last vet visit that Ginger needs her teeth cleaned. She is almost 4 years old. Willow's are cosmetically ugly (some tartar and discoloration) but her gumline is fine and I was told that an infected gumline is the important issue that can cause problems. Tartar and discoloration don't look nice, but unless the gumline is infected a cleaning isn't absolutely necessary. At least that was my understanding from our vet. I have opted to wait on a cleaning to see if I can get her teeth a bit cleaned up on my own. I am using a product called ProDen Plaque Off that is a seaweed powder that gets sprinkled on their food once a day. It reacts with the saliva to prevent the layer of plaque from forming that would normally form and helps to loosen the existing plaque and tartar as well. I have been using it for a few months and it does seem to be working. Some large chunks of tartar/plaque have come off both Willow and Ginger and I am starting to be able to scrape it off with my nails in some areas. I have also been giving them lots of Nylabones, Sweet Potato Chews and other toys to chew on. My vet suggested rawhide to help, but I don't give my dogs rawhide. I also try to brush their teeth everyday, but that usually doesn't happen. I hope I can avoid a cleaning. It seems like a dog that is only 1.5 years old shouldn't have much of a dental problem, unless she didn't receive the proper nutrition and some things to chew on while growing.
  13. Beautiful cat - he'd keep me from coming on her property, too!
  14. I have recently figured out that Willow is afraid of the sight of smoke and steam. We have had situations in the past when we have been out and about and she would freak out but I could never figure out exactly what was causing the behavior in all of the instances. We went to a meeting and it was dark out when we left. Somebody in front of us lit a cigarette and you could see the smoke from the cigarette going up into the air. Willow freaked out. It is almost like she doesn't know where to go or what to do. She was on leash and acted like she was temporarily blinded...I don't know how else to describe it. It was like she didn't know which way to go, she went to the left, to the right, backwards, then to the left, etc in a very hectic manner. Almost disoriented. She was really shook up and when we got in the car she was shaking. I've seen this behavior before but couldn't always identify the cause. Normally the dogs are not allowed on the couch, but I have been sick the past two days and missed work. I let Willow cuddle with me on the couch. My husband made me some chicken noodle soup and he brought it over to me on the couch. It was steaming hot. Willow's eyes got huge and she had the look of fear on her face. She jumped off and ran upstairs. I called her downstairs and she did come back down but wouldn't move from the bottom of the stairs. All the other dogs were sniffing my soup. Is anybody else's dog afraid of the sight of smoke/steam? Is it one of those weird things like chasing shadows or do you think it may be something from her past? She was a stray, so I know nothing of it. We don't smoke or hang around with many smokers. I normally eat at the table, which is bar height, so she really hasn't seen steaming food all that often either. It is only now that I have connected her fear with the smoke/steam.
  15. I had an incident involving a coyote here as well. Bailey and I were playing fetch in the baseball field at a park here in town. It has a 4 ft. or thereabouts fence around it. I noticed a coyote staring at use though the bushes behind the fence. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but once it came out I could tell it was a coyote. I only had Bailey with me, and luckily he was so focused on the ball he didn't see the coyote. I call Bailey to me and put the leash on him. Then he also noticed the coyote. I was creeped out. The coyote could have jumped the fence. I thought it would go away but as I walked across the field to the batters cage it followed us along the fence. I thought that once we got to the batters cage we would be safe, but I didn't realize that it wasn't totally enclosed. I didn't know whether I should head for the car or stay put. The coyote wasn't going anywhere. It was about 30 ft or less from us. We walked slowly to the car and it followed us the whole way. I unlocked the back door and climbed in with Bailey. The coyote came right up to the car. I beeped my horn and it didn't budge. It must have been used to people, but it scared me! There are lots of sites on the internet that tell you how to deal with coyotes. From a quick search I just did here are some tips: harass or chase coyotes to make them feel unwelcome in your area do not leave small or defenseless children unattended in yards, especially if they are known to be frequented by coyotes do not let cats and small dogs out at night unless accompanied by a person keep outside areas for pets well-lit obey leash laws fence in yards do not intentionally or unintentionally feed coyotes (bring in pet food, secure garbage, keep yards clean and free of refuse and brush) encourage coyote trapping and hunting in season (if permitted by local ordinances) There have been attacks on humans by coyotes here in Arizona, and many small dogs have become coyote dinner. Coyotes are becoming a suburban and sometimes even an urban problem. We hear a pack of them at night in the wash that runs along our development and we are in the middle of Tucson - not on the outskirts. We saw one running through here in daylight a few weeks ago. My boss chased it away. Just be careful! It is doubtful that one or two would attack a medium to large size dog - but a pack might. Especially if they are hungry enough.
  16. I'm curious about this topic as well. We plan on having at least one child in the future, and with 5 dogs I am already starting to worry about how to handle a baby and the dogs! I have read that it is good to introduce the baby at eye level to the dogs, rather than always keeping the baby up higher than the dogs. Not sure though. I definitely wouldn't leave a baby on the floor with a dog, even if I was in the same room. Things can happen so fast, you might not have time to react if a dog decided to attack. I just took a book out from the library about dog fatalities. I forget the exact name - it has been at work for browsing during breaks. It has a bunch of incidents and statistics. SO many babies and children are killed by family dogs that showed no prior aggression towards the new baby or children in the household. Many were family pets for more than 5 years and all it took was seconds for the dog to kill a baby or child. Luckily, Border Collies weren't in the top 25 breeds of reported fatalities. Many of the deaths of older children involved dogs that were chained or abused. But most of the infant deaths were due to family dogs who were indoor dogs and much loved by their families. Kind of scary. My husband has a Siberian Husky, and wouldn't you know, there were something like 17 fatalities caused by Huskies in the year that this book is looking at - I think 2002. And almost all of them were infants under 2 months of age. Most of the Huskies were family pets - not chained or abused animals. I remember one was malnourished and the owner set the baby on the floor and walked away. The dog ate most of the baby. The mother did admit that the dog hadn't eaten in 5 or 6 days. I can get the name of the book if anyone is interested. Sorry to be so negative here with this death info - just make sure the baby is never left unsupervised with the dogs.
  17. Willow is about 30 lbs. and ate 3/4 cup of Canidae in the am and pm. Bailey is about 40 lbs and ate 1 cup of Canidae in the am and pm. Ginger is about 55 lbs and ate 1.5 cups of Canidae in the am and pm. I feed them twice a day. All of them normally only poo twice a day, after eating.
  18. Go back to square one. Set up a regular feeding schedule and stick to it. After you feed her take her out to potty. If she doesn't go, bring her in and put her in the crate for 10-15 minutes. Then go back outside. Repeat until she does number 2. We were having this problem with Kato when my husband first moved in with me. He is about two years old. We had to go back to square one and treat him like a puppy being housetrained. I also second the bell on the door idea.
  19. Thanks for the info Mark! All of our dogs really like the food, although they have only eaten it last night and this morning. Even the cat wants to eat it. She sits there waiting until the dogs are done and then licks out their empty bowls. I did mix it with the Canidae I had left. No stomach issues so far. Bailey has the most sensitive stomach, and normally if a food gives him issues he starts with the loose stools and gas within 6 or 7 hours of eating it for the first time. I don't have a problem feeding grains to my dogs. They have been eating Canidae for the last year or more and recently my husband's dogs and Ginger haven't really wanted to eat it. They munch on it and walk away. I just wanted to switch to something different to get them eating again. I'm sure that next time we will go back to something a bit less expensive. The feed store I go to doesn't sell the other Diamond foods, but they have Merrick, Wellness, California Natural, Innova and others - plenty of premium foods that don't cost as much.
  20. Yes, I was thinking of cross contamination because that did happen with their last recalls. At least according to the research I did today. I bought the food today and of course did a bit more research when I got home and found out that it was produced by Diamond. I didn't realize this before. The site does say that all of the meat sources are bought from human grade suppliers and are certified antibiotic and hormone free. I was just a bit concerned about the trustworthiness of the company. Their Diamond site (different from the Taste of the Wild site) does say that they now do 151 safety checks, so I'm guessing it would be the same for Taste of the Wild, which has a website that isn't as thorough - maybe not finished yet. Thanks!
  21. I just bought a bag of the High Prairie Taste of the Wild Dog Food for my dogs. I also just learned that it is manufactured by Diamond. I know that Diamond was involved in recalls. Should I be worried about quality? It seems like a pretty good food. My intention is to rotate it with Canidae and some others. My cat has been eating it for over a month and is doing well.
  22. I think I'm going to try this food for the dogs. I have to go get more today. My cat eats it and is doing well. My dogs eat Canidae, but they seem to be getting bored with it. Bailey has always chomped down his food quickly, and even he doesn't seem to be as thrilled with the Canidae anymore. It is time for a change!
  23. My husband's dog, Kato, does this about once a week. We brought it up at the vet and after describing it we were told it was a reverse sneeze and that it wasn't anything to worry about. I'll have to see if blowing in his face helps!
  24. Let's see - I don't have too much. 1. black and white BC cookie jar (looks like a sitting BC with a red handkerchief around the neck) 2. round cookie jar with a BC face on it 3. BC clock with a wagging tail 4. BC mousepad 5. the "My BC is smarter than your honor student." bumper sticker (not actually on my car) 6. pictures of my dogs everywhere 7. return address labels with our little caricatures on them (hubby, myself and the 5 dogs) 8. BC books and magazines 9. BC coffee mug 10. BC notecards
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