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  1. I rented the DVD through Netflix. I think that young children would love it! However, it was waaaaay to cheesey for my taste! My husband made fun of me and the movie almost the whole way through! He couldn't believe I was actually watching it. At one point I turned down the volume and made my own dialogue. That was fun!
  2. I also advise you to stay away from any of these types of products (wormers, flea and tick products, medicated shampoos, etc) that you can purchase anywhere other than from the vet. I did a quick google search on the product you are questioning and there are a lot of BAD reviews.
  3. I feed the dogs twice a day - around 8am and then again around 7pm. All of them eat their food fairly quickly. If they don't I pick it up after a few minutes. They each have their own bowl and they all eat next to each other. They know they are not allowed to eat from any other bowl other than their own. I do keep an eye on them while they are eating though, just in case.
  4. Two of mine, Bailey and Ginger, would also swim well past exhaustion if I let them. Not many lakes around here but they do swim in the pool. I usually limit their water time to 10 or 15 minutes. After about an hour out of the pool I'll let them in for another 10 or 15 min and so on. When we do travel to a lake or the ocean I pretty much do the same thing.
  5. What about this thing called Pedi Paws? Anybody ever use it?
  6. Time to buy some new collars and leashes. I usually buy nylon but I may get some nice leather ones this time. Just curious what everyone else prefers for everyday wear and walking.
  7. These aren't necessarily in order of importance. 1. socialization 2. mental stimulation - much more than the average dog 3. adequate physical exercise - much more than the average dog 4. crate training 5. basic obedience and beyond 6. the best quality diet that you can provide 7. regular vet visits 8. consistency 9. lots of balls and frisbees 10. a pair of good sneakers so you can keep up
  8. I forgot to add that when I do give the dogs a bath, we go to the self serve dog wash. I prefer not to clean up after bathing the dogs at home. Plus, they shake and rub all over the place if I give them a bath at home. I pay $15.00 per dog and that includes: professional tub at standing height with sprayer, apron so I don't end up soaked, choice of natural shampoos and conditioners, towels, grooming station at standing height, brushes, combs, nail clippers, scissors, ear cleaners, dryers and a few other odds and ends. The best part - I don't have to clean up and by the time we get home the dogs are dry!
  9. Definitely not the same quality of ingredients as the Kirkland! I wouldn't feed that particular Sam's Club food either. I wouldn't feed anything with corn or corn meal.
  10. I bathe my dogs every 6 months or so. I clip nails every two weeks. I aim to brush my dogs every day, but end up doing it every other day most of the time. I trim the fur between their pads. I have a basic comb, basic brush, small scissors and nail trimmers.
  11. Does anyone have any recommendations for professional nail clippers? I'm tired of the cheap ones breaking. The one I have now just frays and tears the dogs' nails when I trim them. The price doesn't matter as long as they work! Thanks in advance.
  12. You can return the huge bag to Costo if your dogs don't like it or don't do well on it. Costco pretty much takes back anything and guarantees all of their Kirkland brand products, so you can return the food if you are not satisfied.
  13. There should be a phone number somewhere on the bag. If not, call Sam's Club and ask them who manufactures that particular dog food for them. Then call that company and ask them a ton of questions about the food. Also, check the ingredients yourself and make sure there isn't a bunch of fillers or chemical preservatives. Check to see that the meats are the first ingredients. Some things I asked: 1. Do you buy your ingredients from a food grade supplier? 2. Are the ingredients from the United States? (Lamb from New Zealand is fine.) 3. Are the meats used antibiotic and hormone free? 4. Are the vitamins and minerals chelated? (better absorption) 5. What kind of quality checks do you do? 6. Where your foods involved in recalls and if so, have your quality control measures improved?
  14. Right now that just isn't very easy for us to do. We live in a townhouse. We only have a tiny freezer which is already as stuffed as it can possibly be with human food. If I could buy in bulk and have a place to keep it we would try the raw route. The townhouse is on the market, but the market sucks, so it might be awhile before we sell. I do cook for them a few times a week and they get added yogurt, cottage cheese, pureed carrots and other veggies, etc. Not as great as raw, but we try to add in some fresh foods as often as possible. My dogs also love fruit. I always share! I read through most of the posts regarding raw and most people say it keeps teeth squeaky clean. Bailey has great teeth, so does my husband's husky. They are the two oldest dogs! The other three are not looking so good. Tarter and their gums are starting to get red. I hate to have to do a cleaning, but we might have to. I just went out today and bought more Nylabones and dental Kongs. But for the three it doesn't seem to matter how much they chew. Their teeth get yucky.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I think we will give it a try and see how the dogs do on it.
  16. Willow does not like to be near the stove. She does not like the sight of steam. A steaming bowl of soup will send her running upstairs and she will not come back down until it is gone. So, anything steaming on the stove top frightens her. She won't go near the stove even if nothing is cooking.
  17. I used to feed the Canidae to my three but after eating it for about two years their coats started to seem less shiney and somewhat flakey. The last few months I fed it the bags of food were kind of crumbly and strange looking. That's when we switched to either Innova or Wellness. Now we rotate the Innova and Wellness Core. But the cost is getting ridiculous. I also cook for them a few times a week and add in fresh foods to their kibble.
  18. I cry every time I go to buy dog food. The Wellness Core is up to $49.99 for a 28 lb. bag. The Innova and Innova Evo are almost as much. Canidae is creeping up in price as well. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't feeding 5 dogs! Does anyone currently feed their dogs the Kirkland brand that is sold at Costco? I just got off the phone with Diamond who told me that the quality of the ingredients is exactly the same as those that go into the Diamond food. The formula is a bit different though. The chicken and lamb is all purchased from human grade suppliers. The chicken is from the US and the lamb is from the US or New Zealand. The suppliers guarantee that it is antibiotic and hormone free. The rep wasn't sure about the grade of the grains, but she did say it is all US sourced. All of the ingredients now go through 151 quality checks Quality Checks. The Diamond website has a FAQ's page and it would all apply to the Kirkland brand as well. Diamond FAQ's The food contains glucosamine and chondroitin. The vitamins and minerals are also chelated. Here we could pay $22.99 for 40 lbs. I read the feeding amounts and the dogs don't need to be fed much more than they get now on the Core per serving. I know that the food rated an A+ in the Merck grading system. I still prefer feeding either Wellness or Innova, but the cost is getting out of control. I asked the rep why such a supposed quality food is selling for so little. She said that Costco buys in such mass quantities that they can charge less and that Costso spends no money on marketing their product or on pretty packaging. So they can keep the cost low. I know that these dog food topics come up a lot, but I did a search and didn't find much discussion on this particular food.
  19. Thanks for the wishes of luck! During the day the dogs are separated in their crates. Sometimes we will rotate and let one of them spend the day out of the crate while the others are crated. I guess I'll have to look into a gate for the kitchen to keep Kato separated while we are home. I was also considering a soft muzzle - one of the ones that lets him eat and drink by he can't open wide enough to bite to wear while we are home. I'll have to look into that some more - I'm really not familiar with the different muzzles and their effectiveness.
  20. I looked through my threads from my first posting about the fight between Kato and Odin until now and I didn't see anywhere that I mentioned Willow being afraid. If I said that before any of these fights happening it was probably in regards to one of her issues.
  21. We would rehome Kato if we thought the situation was a suitable one and if the person/family taking Kato fully understood this biting issue and did not plan on adding more than one dog. Kato has bitten three different dogs, Willow included. This is the first bite to Willow. So it isn't specifically an issue with Willow. And I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT REHOME WILLOW. Willow is a timid dog who is afraid of many things. Kato is not one of those things. The things she is afraid of are smoke/steam (could be my bowl of steaming soup), lightening, loud snapping noises, screaming children, etc. She is highly reactive to certain dogs, especially when on leash. There are some dogs she goes nuts around. She had severe separation anxiety and is much better now but far from perfect. Did I mention she was afraid at home in another thread? I will have to look back at the context. Willow is also adopted from animal control and came with MANY issues. She still has some of them but we have come a long way. She is normally very happy and content in our house. She plays, cuddles, interacts and does what she does. She isn't unhappy, mopey, scared in our home. If I'm eating a bowl of steaming soup or there are fireworks going off, well, yes she gets scared and goes and hides. Otherwise she is fine. I have never had interaction problems with my three BC's. When I got married hubby moved in and brought his two dogs. Kato is the problem, not the other dogs. As for Kato playing with Willow - it is cute. He is very gentle with her. It took Willow almost 2 years to begin interacting with the other dogs in a playful manner. It took her almost a year to chew on a bone for pete's sake. Trust me, I watch them closely when this playful interaction is going on. I'm never more than two feet away.
  22. If those are the only two options, we will deal with it.
  23. The thing is, the other dogs don't fear him. They *normally* all get along quite well. They sleep next to each other. They play with each other. Kato plays with Willow ever so gently, which is quite cute to watch. The other dogs don't avoid him or show aggression towards him. He also does not act aggressive towards them. I have Willow at work with me today and when I went home at lunch time to let the dogs out of crates to potty Willow greeted Kato like she normally would. There is no constant tension that I can discern between the dogs. Odin didn't want any of the dogs around him after his stitches, but as soon as he healed he was fine with all of them, even Kato. The behaviorist has watched Kato and Odin interact and she saw nothing out of the ordinary. Our petsitter was a vet tech and currently works at the humane society. He often fosters and works with difficult dogs. He also didn't see any alarming behavior. I've been around dogs who are constantly posturing and sending signals to each other but that just isn't the case here. If there were constant issues and behaviors that indicated stress, fear or dominance, etc. this wouldn't be such a hard thing to deal with.
  24. I know...I feel this way. But on the other hand my husband adopted this dog not knowing his background. Now WE are responsible for him. He is such a great dog in almost every other aspect. How do you just hand him over to someone else? And who will want to take him? We have to be honest about his behavior. I think he should be the only dog. He does well with children and is only around them supervised. But what if he decides to bite a child in the future? So that limits homes with younger children just in case it were to ever happen. This is a tough situation!
  25. Some of you may remember the issue with Kato (my husband's Husky mix) biting Odin (my husband's Husky) back in January which required $800 of emergency stitches. Well, last night Kato bit Willow (my BC)! It happened around 10 pm. I was reading and my hubby was playing around on his laptop and all of a sudden the two were going at it. Willow ended up with a puncture wound right between her eyes. It isn't that deep. I cleaned it out and it has since scabbed up. I called our normal vet already. This is the FOURTH bite from Kato. He bit my aunt's German Shepard in the leg (deep puncture). Then Odin. Then Odin again when we went on vaction. The dogsitter had to take him to the vet for a torn ear. Now with Willow. I'm at my wit's end. Kato has been in for a vet check. He has been seen by a behaviorist. He has gone through obedience class. We keep the dogs separated when we are not at home. The torn ear with the petsitter was over a treat. The sitter thought Odin had eaten it, but apparently he hadn't. The sitter turned his back and Kato went after Odin and ripped his ear. My dogs get into squabbles, but they have NEVER broken skin. I know that when you have 5 dogs fights are more likely to happen, but this is getting frustrating. Kato is a little wierd, but he isn't an aggressivev dog. These instances seem to happen out of the blue and without much of a discernible cause. Kato obvioulsly does not have any bite inhibition or something. Following is what I know (or think I know): 1. Kato NEVER ends up with even a scratch. 2. Kato breaks skin (doing pretty decent damage) almost every time there is a small squabble. 3. We have ruled out a medical cause. 4. Bailey, Willow, Ginger and Odin have gotten into small squabbles but they have never resulted in any broken skin. 5. There is never (except for the treat with the sitter) anything around such as bones, toys, food, beds, etc. 6. It has happened in our house, in my aunt's yard and at the sitter, so it isn't specific to one location. 7. We don't know Kato's background - he is from animal control. My husband adopted him before we were married and lived together in May of 2007. He is 2-3 years old. Probably closer to 2. When do you call it a day and decide to rehome a dog? Or do we keep him and just wait knowing that it is most likely going to happen again? Do we muzzle him all the time? That doesn't seem like a great life. He is otherwise a great dog. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!
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