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  1. Hi In the process of trying to find a dog, I have noticed a couple dogs that seemed ok but had their tails tucked under them at times while working. I dismissed them because I didn't think it prudent to buy a dog that seemed apprehensive at home if I am looking for a trial dog. They were around 1.5 to 2 years old. Do you think that is hasty or can that be fixed? If so how would you go about correcting the problem? thanks
  2. So i would like to begin training my dog to hold out sheep(like on an outrun for somebody else). But i dont really know how to go about doing this and where to start. If there are some steps you could give me or methodology to the training of this that would be great. Also will there be common problems i could encounter? how cold i effectively deal with them? One thing i was thinking about....What happens when my dog moves too early and i need to correct my dog, wont that put off the other dog that is coming to lift the sheep?
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