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  1. i use frontline on my bc, which seems to work great for 2 months then in the 3rd month not so good on the ticks..but if you use vasoline and completly cover the tick around the base where it is biting your bc, the tick cant breath and will let go..it works great for us.. yeuck they are horrable things though.
  2. sounds like your doing really well. lucky my bc is 1 yr old and we are doing well but trying to calm her when people come in the house, is proving difficult..she just gets sooo excited and then when she has calmed she wants to play with them tug or throw the toy..which is great but a couple of our relatives arnt too keen on dogs.. he he but she wont give in and just stare at them or lay her head on there lap..i have to giggle.. good luck with your training..good luck
  3. thanks everyone sounds good carly i will try that...i am using an extendable lead at the moment as the coming to me is great in a closed area..(garden, house) its when we are on a walk absoloutly brill while walking its when its time to go home she knows and just isnt ready....doesnt matter how long weve been out....she slipped her collar a couple of days ago..after calling and calling and following..i decided to turn away ignore her and walk back towards the car..opened the passenger door..where she sits then opened my door and slammed it..he he there she was so in a happy voice said in you g
  4. your pup sounds so much like my lucky..in so many ways.. she is great playing ball and doesnt take the slightest notice of the other dogs, but at obediance class it is a fight to stop her from wanting to play and bark at the other dogs...life can be soo stressful, but she seems to be improving sllllowly..i would like to do agility with her when she is good with everything else...maybe a while yet... i think persiverance is the answer....keep trying they can only get better...good luck
  5. not good....tried touching collar praising when she came near. managed to clip the lead on once when the ball went in the bush and she was trying to get it..then tokk her round the field, not strait home, then next time she went to the drink trough and cliped the lead on with praise..kept walking with her so not taking her strait home, but then the next time we went, she would not come near me at all, just styed out of reach..and in the end my husbad had to yell and shout at her so she coward down and was put in the car after trying to get her for an hour.......not happy ..the little toad.. sh
  6. yes sounds good i will give it a go later and see how i get on..thanks guys.
  7. Hi has anyone got any suggestions for my 1 yr old border collie lucky, she is getting there with obediance training, fantastic indoors but when we go out for a long walk off the lead playing fetch the ball (which she loves) when its time to go home (we will have been out for ages and she is exausted) she will not come close enough to have the lead put back on..she is a little toad.. tried doing it when she not expecting it but she is too clever and wont come in reach distance. it is so frustrating i could be nicey nicey..or really angry shouting no diffrence she just doesnt want to go home.
  8. thanks shawna sounds like it will work ill give it a go...thanks also for the other posts.
  9. please please can anyone help as my bc is now 8 months old, she is doing well at obediance classes, but we are finding it hard training her to walk easily on the lead as she pulls and pulls they say at dog class to keep the lead loose but hey if i did that she will be running down the road....... i have tried holding food in my hand by her nose and repeting "heel" to her but she soon gets bored with that and starts pulling again. once she gets to the field and has a long run off the lead she is much better on the lead. but it is very hard taking her for a walk and not much fun..any ideas....p
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