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  1. yeah if my dogs see any type of water at all it's gone they have done who knows how much ($$$$$$$) damage to the already expensive watering system and the 150ft water hose probably only reaches 25ft now. two other fun things to play with are extension cords and Direct TV Cables my dogs always seem to go with the expensive stuff before the thousands of toys they have!!!!!
  2. I have 2 BCS they seem to have the same problem that you have with the pulling. Its just like the want to run run run and i run with them but even though i am 12 we all must admit we can't match a BCs speed. They enjoy walks but all they want to do is walk faster then me. I will try the "lets go" game with them and let y'all know how it gos. P.S. What's a halti?
  3. hi everyone i haven't been on the internet in a while due to my computer is crashed but I have been working alot with my dogs. they are doing great and i taught them how to settle down and be quite with just a certain look from my eyes. we are an active family and all of us ride dirt bikes and I have horses the neghbors always come over to our house to play and all of things just get bandit and daisy soooooooo excited they bark and jump and leap around making a big comotion alot of times i let them but when it get out of hand i tel them "Hush!" and they sit down and look at me afterwards we g
  4. Thanks for all of ya'lls posting. (sorry I'm Texan) I have enjoying reading all of the tips you hhave for me. Keep Posting!
  5. I have been reading on the internet about clicker Training. I read that you click when the dog is doing something that you like, my question is how do they know what this thing is if you click for so many other things? Would it be easier to say like "Good Sit" if that be the case?
  6. Thank You all for posting I'm really enjoying reading what you have to say. I'm 12 Years old, and my mom said that she would like to find an agility class nearby. Thanks for all the great websites and book names I have poured all over the internet and found great sites that I have read inside out I have found that all I need to do is continue to read and search for information. Thanks Again and keep posting!
  7. I think that that is a wonderful idea but my mom spent quite a bit of money on them and I don't she will takie them out but it's worth asking her. Thank's for your opinon I'm glad that you think I should take them to obedience classes now. I would like to and I think it would be a great experience for me and my dogs.Thanks Again
  8. Yea I know it's kinda a long story, I fell in love with one my brother fell in love with another. But they are both doing fine and my family is taking the challenge quite well.
  9. Barb Thank You So much!!! When I say Reluntant to Train I mean that they love to listen and try to understand but they seem to not understand what I am Trying to teach them. Maybe in the obedience class I took the method just wasn't fun, It consisted with alot of "boring" activities and I could tell they needed something fun. I will continue to rread like you said. Do you know of any really great and fun training books that my BCs might enjoy? All I really want is for them to be happy and have fun. Thanks Again
  10. Also I got border collies so that I could have a fun dog to play with and one that would easily train. I really would like to do agility with them. But I do not understand why they are like this. P.S. I am a first time Border Collie owner.
  11. Hi am new to this board and I have two 9 month old BCs. They are very lovable and are quite normal, Exceptfor several things. They chew up our sprinkler system, they bite at the water and when it goes off they dig and chew at the sprinklers we have spent lots of money on trying to fix it but everytime we fix it they continue to tear it up. Another problem I have is that they seem reluntant to train as in obedience, we have tried training them at home but that wasn't working to well we took them to a four week obedience class and they placed last and second to last!!!!! :confused: Ha Ha!
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