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  1. I posted here about saving a border collie that was tied on a 10 ft chain in a dairy barn - he is around 3 and has been there since he was 6 mo old. Well I have fibromyalgia and some other issues and have been seriously considering adding a service dog. My friend has a boxer as her service dog and it really helps her on walks (steadys her if she needs it) helps her get up sometimes - picks up things for her that she drops. Do you think that is something a BC can do? They have to be calm and focus on the person a lot. I am wondering if this guy I rescued would be a good candidate with training? But from what i Have read about them, BC's are very high energy and really prefer working (on things that require a lot of movement - flyball, agility, herding etc) Any opinions?
  2. Duke is going to the groomer tomorrow. So far he has stayed in our fence with absolutly no trying to get out. So he is not even chained any more at all. He is so wonderful about other dogs. Today during our walk (or should I say half drag as he is not completely leash trained yet) a boxer came running up to him and as it was a 7 mo. old puppy he just jumped on Duke. Duke tolerated everything and never even growled. He was a very good boy. The boxer was not mean, just over grown puppy play with no common sense (as I love Boxers, at that age, they are real clowns with very selective hearing). My biggest issue with him right now is walking him. I have an issue with my muscles and it really is hard for me to control him. I am trying to figure out what type of collar to get him to make it easier for me to control him. I am not a fan of choke collars. I am thinking of either a halti, one of those harnesses with the ring in the front of the chest or a prong collar. What is everyones opinion? He is a huge puller.
  3. Update - Duke seems to be fine with my little dogs - even when Max (toy rat terrier) tried to eat him. He just looked at him like "REally??" All the rest of mine were fine with him. Max is corrected every time he is a brat. I am wondering if it is because Duke is so big? He doesnt react that way to other dogs I have introduce but most of them have been small dogs or puppies. He is inside our fence right now. HE stinks so bad, I cant wait to get him groomed -I cant bathe him due to my physical restrictions). He has not tried to get out of the fence once yet. We took him to do chores with us. He cracked me up on his reaction to the horses. He tries to chase cats if they run - but doesnt do anything if he "catches" them. He loves attention. He is overly exuberate right now but that too should settle once he has some time to adjust. Funny - my husband who was very FIRM on him only coming if I promised I would not bring or even try to bring him in the house was talking to him on the deck and I heard him say to him you cant come in until you dont stink so much and we work on that marking stuff. I was cracking up. When I woke up this morning he already had him off his lead and into the back yard in the fenced area. We are hoping he wont get out of the fence now that he 1. not threatened with other dogs 2. is older and a little calmer and 3. has things to entertain him. i will keep everyone posted. Thanks again for all your encouragement and suggestions.
  4. Ok, I picked him up today. REnamed him Duke (his name was avalanche - too long didnt like it) - Took him for a walk before doing anything else. Loose dog came up - small dog - he was fine other than he lifted his leg and peed on the little guy. Actually he pees to excess. I have seen marking but he has it to a fine science. My husband thinks it was his means of entertaining himself and feels once he is fixed and has other things to do he will be fine. He peed repeatedly on his water dish, his food dish, his toys, his bones, his dog house, all up and down the fence, and probably on every spot he can reach. Other than that, he seems very sweet. Have not done much on introducing him to my small dogs yet other than through the fence. Tomorrow will let him in the fence with them. He doesnt really understand fetch yet but that will come. Afterall everything is new right now and he doesnt know anything. I will try to upload a picture of him. East TN rescue is helping me with him. (Thank you EAST TN Rescue). And thank all of you for your suggestions.
  5. Ironhorse - that would probably be very simple to do actually. I have a bunch of chicken wire I could do it with. My husband is being very cooperative with me too so I bet I can get him to give me a hand with it and get it done this weekend. I heard back from East TN border collie rescue. They do not have foster homes but would be willing to help me find him a home if I can keep him while they do which is great. The hardest part for me is waiting to go get him until I can set things up here. The farmer has agreed to let me have him (I didnt mention BC rescue at all!). He did tell me he thinks he would be fine with my dogs which will make life simpler for all of us. Said he is a big baby and the other dogs pick on him. I guess we will see if that is why he gets out of fences? Thank you for all your good advice. NOw once I get him I may have a lot more questions!! Surely BC's can not be too much different than aussies right? or GSD's? Also I currently have Rat terriers - which are high energy too. I dont have much time during the week but we do more on weekends. During the week if I get home in time we go for a short walk or we go play fetch. HOpefully that will be ok for this guy.
  6. Ok - I sent an email to East BC rescue last night, will send one to West today. Thank you for the west information I didnt see that when I googled. No worries - I wouldnt hand him off to a rescue like the one in Nashville you mentioned. Diane - I dont think I made myself very clear in my original email after rereading it. I wouldnt be keeping him chained 24/7. He actually would be in my fenced part of my yard when I am home and can supervise with the little dogs. I honestly dont think he will be bad with them, he seems very sweet and he lets cats sleep with him. Once I am able to wrangle him in to a bath, I do have a large enough crate for him to be in at night time. As you can imagine he stinks! But during the day when I am working I would have to chain him up. Which I have never done before. I hate chains. My only other alternative to that which I would try is a 10 x 10 pen I have that has a top and sits on gravel (it has shavings and dog bed etc). but if he dug out when I wasnt around I would worry he would be hit or shot by one of the neighbors. I think I can get him to stay in the fence if I put hot wire around the bottom and top. I can probably do that the first part of April. I have horses but they are not close to my back yard - so I would have to figure out how to finagle the hotwire. Anyway - I hope rescue returns my email. I really feel bad for the guy even if he did pee on my shoe. LOL. He is not the traditional black & white but from what i have read about BC's I guess they dont have to be. I have always worried I was too sedentry for a BC so never bothered thinking about one before and wouldnt now if he wasnt on such a short chain with no bed and no activity. NO dog should be that way. My dogs would just go bonkers without toys and exercise. And Zip wouldnt know what to do if he couldnt find sticks that were twice his size to play with and bring in the house for Mom to clean up - UGH. I just cant imagine a BC sitting on such a short chain so long. He must be going CRAZY!
  7. I will research a BC rescue in Tennessee to see if they can help if I get him. The farmer has his heart in the right place just not his head(he takes a lot of BC's that people dump) - and he feels since he feeds them good and offers shelter it is good. The area I live in is really horrible and to be honest, the fact that he does at least feed them good is a big plus for him. The question about would I take him back - the answer would be no. Most dogs can be taught to get along with each other - I am just more careful with mine being so small because that can result in a quick death for them. And I dont leave any unsupervised. I didnt plan on keeping him forever. I generally try to do some basic obedience, housetrian and fix and then find good inside homes. That sometimes takes months before it happens and any dog I place has a return policy on it. Generally I am not worried about my dogs accpeting him - they are all dog friendly. I have done rescue in the past (mostly with GSD rescue and then some on my own). He would not have to remain on a chain 24/7 - just during the day when I am not here to supervise. And probably only for about 3 weeks until I can secure a good area that I know he cant escape - but generally I think it would be best if I could get a rescue that has room. I didnt really think rescue because most are so full from kill shelters they dont really take ones like this guy. There is only so many foster homes to go around. Thank you for suggesting. I will email tonight.
  8. I have had Aussies and GSD's but never a BC. I currently have all small dogs (4 rat terriers and a pug). I have a chance to get a BC - it is currently being kept in a barn on a 10 ft chain. That is his entire life, on stones - no bed, no toys. According to the farmer it is on there because he cant keep it in the fence with his other dogs - he feels it is because they pick on him. He is 2 yrs old and has been there since he was little. My issue is if I took him I would have to keep him on a chain as well - but one that would be longer and run between trees. I have a fenced in area he could be in sometimes (when I am around until I see if he will stay in there and if he will be ok with my little dogs) I dont believe in chains and have never had one on one and totally hate the idea, I just feel so sorry for him that I thought at least being outside with a long chain, with a dog house with a soft bed and time off to play and walk everyday would be better than what he has now. Then I can start trainign him, get him fixed and rehome him eventually. MY question is shoudl I even think about it? I am not sure I am offering him much better than what he has since he would still have to be on a chain until I can secure some area for him to run in ( I was thinking of maybe an underground or hot wire around the bottom and top of current fence but this will take a little while before I can get any of this completed). I cant just bring him inside as he is not fixed, and definitely into marking (he peed on my leg) and I would never get hubby to ok that until we make sure he is good with the little dogs - my little one is only 4.5 lbs. What is everyone's thought? I just cant hardly sleep since I saw him on that chain with nothing to do and nothing to sleep on.
  9. "Maybe not today. He's been good today. But I have to say that, as the years go on, there are more days when I'm ready to call Independent Pet Rescue and see if I can trade him for a young cat. Or just offer him "free to a good home". ROFL.. I am right there with you Nancy.. Mine is always griping.. you cant save the world you know..
  10. When you say "potty" do you mean he does both? If not, then you need to maybe run with him for a few or throw a ball and wait until he does both or at least pees as he may not do both everytime. If you mean he does both and then he comes in and truely in 5 min he pees again (make sure of the time).. you may need to have him checked for a UTI or something else. At 4 mo. he should have some control and not have to pee so frequently.
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