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  1. I love disciplined Bull Terriers. The working Bull Terrier is just as impressive as a working BC in its own way. I recommend reading the tales of "Jock of the Bushveld", a classic tale of a working Bull Terrier during the Gold Rush in South Africa. Jock lived a fascinating life, bringing down kudu, wildebeeste, and even crocodiles! Jock was prized for his balance of obedience and aggression. Undisciplined dogs were usually shot because they would steal food, or ruin the hunt by closing in before commanded to do so. I'd hate to think what Jock would have done with sheep!
  2. Congratulations Solo! You showed them... Everyone knows Red dogs are braver
  3. The Border Collie has a history of herding sheep since 126BC. I don't think a few decades of Conformation/Sports breeding has completely ruined the breed, but I certainly don't think it has done much good. Coat colours are interesting, particularly in the Border Collie, but it is a poor substitute for a working sheep dog. I actually agree with a few of the things Bill has to say these days, despite his bluntness.
  4. Just brought Chardi back from the Vet tonight. She was having her third eyelids examined for allergic conjunctivitis, which now appears to be cured *yay*!!! Our Vet gave Chardi lots of dried liver and (human) chocolate, and allowed himself to be licked all over the face througout the examination. Perhaps you should ask your Vet to make examinations a little more pleasurable for your Border Collie. Or else.
  5. Does anyone actually have a lilac Border Collie? I've never seen one. I think you can register a lilac or chocolate tri, but you can't show them in Conformation. Nothing can prevent them from working, or competing in sporting events...
  6. I couldn't possibly keep another dog, but I'd fly Zoe over to Perth if I could. What a beautiful dog!!!! >>Sometimes the choices in these type of situations are not up to me. My parents don't want a deaf dog. I have attempted to show them information pulled from google.com searches as well as deafdogs.org, to no avail. Pitty you can't get rid of your parents when they have something wrong with them...
  7. The litter should produce Black/White puppies. Both Blue (dd) and Chocolate (bb) are recessive, and will have to be present in both parents to be expressed in phenotype.
  8. A Pedigree is registered with a breed regulatory body. A pedigree usually refers to a line of purebred dogs, but it can have outcrosses to improve certain characteristics e.g Herding ability. Purebreds dogs have only individuals of the same breed in its family tree, with no outcrossings. A Mixed Breed dog can have a Pedigree, but will not be Purebred.
  9. I'd better break the news to my dogs gently Bill. Not sure how they'll react...
  10. Hypothetical questions: 1. If an AKC dog has been shown in Conformation, but has not achieved the required number of points for a Championship title, then the dog can still remain registered with the ABCA? 2. If a dog arrives from Australia with an ANKC Championship title in Conformation, or from the UK with a ShCh Title, then it can be registered with the ABCA? I have had a stern word with my dogs and have told them that NO Doggie Modelling will be allowed!
  11. The Halti is similar to the halter of a horse. It prevents lunging by transferring the forward motion into a sideways head turn. A Halti prevents a dog from pulling because it brings the dog's head around towards you, making it impossible for him to guide you anywhere...
  12. Merlot used to get terribly car sick. He would drool, and dribble, and go very quiet... He was also quite smelly. It was hell getting him to his first Obedience classes because he was an absolute mess when we got there. Our car didn't look too good either! We ended up having to put him in the car (without the engine running) for increasing periods of time, giving him small treats and spoiling him rotten. Merlot would have to be cuddled during car trips, and we would aim his nose out of the window so that he could watch interesting sights, get fresh air, and not throw up on us!! Try to
  13. The word "Border" refers to the border between Scotland and England. I believe "Collie" is Anglo-Saxon for Coal, or Black? The "Border Collie" name could almost be described as Appearance-Based. I would like to take credit for the term "Herder Collie" though Do I need to patent this?
  14. Oh yes, Chardi's temperature is normal and she is not suffering from any flue-like symptoms... The mucous is yellow and thick, and seems to originate from the soft tissue inside the eye...
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