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  1. My husband and I are expecting our first child in 10 weeks! I noticed that our border collie seems to have become very clingy to me lately. I always wonder, do you think she can tell I am pregnant? (maybe I smell different to her, or even just her own maternal instincts can tell)? I am confident she will be great with the new baby (so long as we introduce them correctly, continue to give Madison lots of attention, exercise, etc.). I am curious to hear about other's experiences with their border collie and new babies!
  2. I would never own a Jack Russell. It is besides the point anyway because I will also never own anything but border collies!
  3. Is it necessary to get vaccine boosters shots every year? Not just for Madison, but also my two cats? Or is this just my vet trying to make some money?
  4. ANy recommendations for where to buy agility equipment? Someone told me ebay is great for that?
  5. Her doctor's appointment is Nov. 10 at 9 a.m. Thanks to everyone on this board for giving me advice. Even though Madison is apparently not a working dog (and comes from a show breeding line), she still means the absolute world to us and she literally has saved my life. Our life has been HELL since February (for reasons I cannot go into), and getting her has been the best thing possible. She is our heart, our love, our life. I cannot even express enough in words how much we love her. All I want to do is what is best for Madision. Madison is the best.
  6. Yes, Piper and FlyAway2Me, I think I have made up my mind. For Madison's health and the health of any future puppies, I am going to make an appointment tomorrow to have her neutered as soon as possible. I have already told my parents (who were hoping for one of Madison's puppies) to go to the rescue farm up north of Binghamton, NY and to rescue a BC. Madison is still the best dog in the world (sorry Piper), and that is why I want her to live a long healthy life.
  7. Madison is simply the best dog in the whole world. It's true!
  8. One more thing. I know Madison is young, and that it would be years before we breed her. I do not know at this point if she is a good working dog. However, I am planning on getting her involved in agility training and whatever else I can do so that she does get a chance to "work" to the extent possible. If she is terrible at it, that would influence our decision. But what if she is great at it? We just don't know yet. Yes we are new border collie owners but we take it very seriously, and we were aware of the special qualities of BCs before we got Maddy. As an example, our golf course
  9. Philologus, She is blue and white and has long hair, but she is not a merle. She has blue eyes. The stud is black and white. We are still undecided, but we are considering everyone's advice. Btw, we do not own an SUV so we can't hop in it and drive upstate. I think Jason's point was simply that on LI, people that own border collies generally do not live on big farms, and border collie owners on this board have to understand that- it is frankly a little annoying that those that are lucky enough to have places for their dog to work somehow look down on us because we do not, and seem t
  10. Thanks everyone, for the advice. I will definitely consider it. First and foremost, I would never do anything that could endanger Madison as we love her as if she were our own daughter (weird, I know, but most dog owners seem to understand). However, I do believe that Madison is really a special border collie- physically, she appears to easily meet all the breed standards (except she has blue eyes, she is blue and gray). Her parents are both prize-winning border collies as are her grandparents. She seems exceptionally smart and sweet-tempered, and I am going to try to find a place fo
  11. Thank you to everyone for your advice. We certainly have alot of thinking to do. You have to understand that we LOVE Madison so much that it is scary. We know her whole line and the stud that we were planning to use also comes from a great line. But there is obviously alot more to it than that (not to mention that I would die if anything happened to her in whelping). Anyway, Solo- I would love to have your trainer's e-mail address and maybe to meet up at one of those shows. I really would like to know another border collie owner in person, because we honestly want to do everything as bes
  12. Madison's Father again: First, sorry, but the above is condescending in my book and is the reason for our spirited responses, in contrast to the above, what should have been said was what Mr. Snappy said, which is pointed, informative, and impassioned. Second, thank you to all for the later posts, they have been very informative and we now know some of what we were asking about to begin with. Third, from a genuine health and safety concern, it is overbreading among humans that all on this board should be most concerned with. Fourth, nobody answered my question about keeping
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