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  1. Darn skeeters!!! We have a zillion of them here in south central Wisconsin and they're growing minute by minute with all this lovely rain & standing water. I also use bounce fabric softner sheets on Kadee - she doesn't mind having them rubbed on her face (the skeeters just hang around her eyes otherwise), plus a quick pass over her body & then tied to her collar does wonders. I've been using these for the past 3 yrs and have no complaints whatsoever! Good Luck!
  2. Oops I forgot a couple main ones: Mama's baby piggie (if there's mud, she'll find it - if not she gets that piggie look from digging) which results in: Naughty girl!
  3. I have called her: Cutie Pie Sweetie Sweetheart girlie girl devil dog goofy farm doggie turkey bear butt freckle face cookie (her spotted legs remind me of oreo cookie dough ice cream) Others have called her: skunk dog (because of her coloring NOT because of and of smell) attack dog (her playful biting
  4. sdl

    Gentle leader

    Wow! - All of you're replies have been SO helpful & really appreciated....in reply to whether or not I use the GL in stressful situations, no I don't - only when we go walking or if I need to calm Kadee down while she is at the office with me (which I haven't needed to do in over a month - I think that's amazing for a 6 mo old pup!)...I think the BC board & all of you are just wonderful....I didn't realize when I rescued Kadee on March 5th(my 1st BC & I was doubtful that I new enought about BC's + not quite ready for another dog due to still grieving the loss of my 12yr Keeshond last July and 15 yr Wheaton Mix last December - otherwise known and Keesha & Daisy Mae - "MY GIRLS") that I would have such a wealth of information available to me...I Thank you all!
  5. Just reading about "hot dog" & it reminded me of something I've been wondering about. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) using a gentle leader with their BC? I know Kadee doesn't like it when we use hers...she kind of pouts when I go to put it on & rubs face to grass trying to get it off...I hope that's all in part of getting used to it - they say the more they don't like it - the more they need it. It does settle her down... The concern I have is that while we are walking with it on, she seems to pant alot with her tongue protruding slightly. I've loosened up the strap behind the ears (maybe too much at she still has a tendency to pull) and am pretty well convinced it's just a combination of the leader & warmer weather. I'd appreciate other input from others who have had experience with the gentle leader. Thank you!
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