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  1. Original poster did you say itchy, dry skin, overweight, poor coat, thin coat - loosing air( oops that should be hair lol ), odor? if the above apply you could be dealing with thyroid. My lab had those symptoms and she has thyoid problems according to the test. However, should mention we had bad fleas that yr and money was tight so she was on cheap food. Strangely enough. We moved flea problem wasn't an issue anymore and better food. She got her coat back. She keeps it unless we move her inside. Gas heat seems to dry her out. Also did research ~google on fleas came up with food site.... all I can remember is soy by products and something about if soy something gets into the food it is toxic to dogs and mimics thyroid condition. And if you are on gas heat are you running a humidier? I give Tuck eggs, meat fat and some fatty meat scraps as well as his dry. Good Luck! I'm sure you will find the answers for your dog ~kinda like us we are all different what works for one doesn't always work for another but it does give you a place to start and things to try.

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