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  1. Thanks for everyones ideas, thoughts... and marriage proposal ) I have since heard that mulch apparently makes a good surface for a trial field for a variety of reasons. I may try a small area and see how it works out before filling in the backyard! I'll post my success or failure to the board. Dan
  2. Does any one out there have any preferences/ideas, as an alternative to grass, for an Agility practice arena? I have heard secondhand stories of mulch and shredded rubber being used but no direct feedback. I want to build my wife an outdoor agility arena 120'x120' and we would rather not have to move all the equipment and mow all that grass at least once a week. Also, the thought of a more even, weather proof field is appealing. No mud, ruts, maintenance etc... Am I dreaming? Ideas, Thoughts, Pros and Cons?! Thanks, Dan
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