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  1. So you know that your dog is not like other border collies , so don't expect her to look like every other.If she is healthy and the fabulous dog you've talked about . .. poor breeding thats crap. Sounds like great breeding you got a great DOG! sterling and mel mel
  2. I should really proofread.
  3. Allright I thought more about this. we are a very Obesse Nation (USA), and we make a choice about the things we put into mouths. But our Pets Eat we give them relying on our choices to provide for them. So maybe any old bag of dog food will keep your dog alive.. they may liver 15 or 20 years or even longer. It's just like humans you hear about some guy who lived to 95 Smoking a cigar and drinking 1/5 of whisky a day. okie.. I think I'm done
  4. sure Maybe there is such a thing as going to far. Each persons needs are different and so are each dogs. I could go head long into this but I'll stop with that.
  5. All right . . I have decided on a new Dog food to try. .. It's called Blue Buffalo. . They talk a good game So I'm going to try them... See how she does. My Brother has briard (big old Sheep dog). when he first bought him, we got him set up with eukenuba.. but he wouldn't eat it. So we switch to IAMS but then He wouldn't stop vomiting! Well the list went on and on from Science diet To Nutro to Purina And So on. He never did well. . . he was just this thin lanky dog who could vomit or have the runs at the drop of a hat. well After my brother had had this dog about 6
  6. It is sad that this is the way that the industry is. .. Going to sooo much effert to Promote it as HEALTHY , but instead it's a complete sham. They believe that this is what the consumers want. . . and Most pet owners are completely oblivous to whats in the food. (Me included.) I just don't like being tricked.. don't promise me that this food is the best for my dog. . . Oh well The quest for the new food continues. Denver isn't bad and we have quite a few independent petstores. ONWards. Sterling
  7. Yeah I got the word about the first ingredient being Meat and not a by - product a few years ago when I bought my cat. He is such a priss that he refuses to eat anything that has by-product. . . But this is My first dog But I Can tell that Mel is not to into this food.. and niether am I.. . I don't like being pressured or guilted into a food. So I'll do a little research and Look into BARF and RAW and other such foods and see what I can see. Here are some photos of my girl http://homepage.mac.com/sterlings/PhotoAlbum7.html Sterling
  8. Is purina that bad of food? My vet has been Pushing Proplan on me so I broke down .
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