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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. A lot of good things to remember. I just want to be sure that I don't injure Bandit.
  2. I am a runner and have run a couple of marathons but that was before I got Bandit. I take him on my daily runs(about 6 mi) but was wondering if I could take him with me on long runs if I work him up to it. I would take water along with me for him to drink but was wondering if that would be good for him. Bandit is 1-1/2 yrs almost 2. Does anyone out there run with their dog. Mattie
  3. I can't believe it today Bandit made me out to be a liar! Today my friend and I took the dogs on a different walk that Bandit had not been on before at the quarry. It was hot and quite windy and when we got to the quarry he jumped in the water! I thought that he didn't like the water. The whole time we were there he kept jumping in the water and even swimming. I don't know if he thought that he saw a reflection in the water(which he is quite anal about)or if he thought that he could get the two ducks that were at the other end of the quarry. Either way I was very surprised by this. At the end
  4. My friend and I took our dogs for a walk today. It was about 80. After walking for a while we headed to the pond. My friends Lab and Aussie started running for the pond and so did Bandit. Then he realized that they were headed for the pond and it was like he said, "Oh, just water." He will only go to the edge of the water but will not get in.
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