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  1. I haven't heard one way or another about Pedigree being recalled or not... however I do know it's full of corn and other filler and is just a cr*p food. My dad fed it to Oreo for years and her coat was horrible. I don't know what to think of Wellness. I've been feeding that for a while. The dogs are doing fabulous on it... the cats, well, they're fat to start with. They claim they have strict testing and production standards for all their produced food, BUT they do use Menu Foods. And that ticks me off. So now I'm thinking about switching to something else. *sigh* One good thing coming out of this whole fiasco is that a lot more people are questioning what's in their dog and cat food instead of feeding them anything.
  2. Oohhhh now that is nasty. Worst thing Oreo's rolled in is dead fish she dug up, which is pretty bad, but large carcasses sound even more unpleasant.... YUCK!!
  3. Oreo used to have a lot of kick, but not anymore. She may sprint for a very short distance but then she just slows down to catch up later... but she's getting older. I can't compare Zeeke and Zoe to other dogs, they really aren't around other dogs much. Zeeke could probably do pretty well (he's a german shepherd) but in the backyard Zoe can often outrun him... she has the advantage of being light on her feet. They don't like to run straight though, they swerve and turn to catch/miss each other... Zoe usually wins but when she looses she gets completely flattened. ETA - As for graceful... Zoe's pretty graceful, if spastic. Oreo's graceful. Zeeke (again, not a BC) is a friggin truck. He runs into us - and the walls, and Zoe, and whatever's in his path - ALL THE TIME. Which can get really annoying in the house, he's not a small dog.
  4. Plus it's a pretty natural reaction. I know when Zeeke acts up in bad ways (biting) I give him VERY VERY long time outs - and it's NOT for his sake. I know that if I'm emotionally upset I'm not going to be able to fairly react to him so it's better that I give MYSELF a long time out to cool down. (Honestly when I got bit I SHOULD HAVE corrected him in some way, but I was in such shock I did nothing at all and walked off. Just my shock reaction, not what I should have done!)
  5. Tons of advice here. I just want to say that I know how much it can shake you. I've been bit before (different reason, though) and afterwards I was a mess.... I blamed myself for not reading the signs better, for doing something "stupid".... and also had to deal with the shock and betrayal I felt. It does leave you quite shaken, especially when it breaks the skin. Remember you're human and you're learning along with your dogs... we aren't always perfect at reading their cues, even though we try hard. Chalk it up to a mistake, learn from it, and try to move on.
  6. Oh thank goodness. That must have been pretty scary.
  7. LOL That's the way it is for me too. There were times in the years past where I would just lay in bed staring at Oreo as she snoozed, thinking about how very lucky I was to share my life with her. I have moments like that with Zoe now. It's just such a wonderful feeling.
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss... but I'm glad she let you know when it was time.
  9. Yep, they're definitely just playing. Zoe always viciously chews/bites on Zeeke's cheek during their play... and yeah, it's really easy to tell when they get ticked off and start fighting. (Lots of not-good noise.) It is something you have to learn though just by watching... when we first got Zoe I was always paranoid that they weren't playing. Now I know how to tell quite easily.
  10. OMG. I am in no way a shepherd... I am not sure I've even been in the same vicinity of sheep. But the whole idea of "our dogs can't past your test! make it easier!" just makes me stare with a dropped jaw. I HATE that attitude. What on earth are they trying to accomplish?? More titles, I guess. Jeez. That's so pathetic.
  11. That is so great! I'm so glad to hear you get to work with her!
  12. I would have agreed, but my hubby insisted on getting a male. Waahhh! I like my females, hehe.
  13. Oh my gosh, I am so heartbroken to hear this. I am so so sorry for your loss. I hope the owner and dog are held responsible for what happened.
  14. Oh yeah, when Zeeke was neutered (at 1 year old) I totally freaked out. I didn't think they left the big sacs just hanging there! But like the others have said they do indeed shrink up in time. (Thank goodness.)
  15. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear this!! How freaking scary. I'm glad he's doing well.
  16. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear all of this! I hope you catch him soon. (And yeah, one night Zoe ran off into the dark - only next door but she got a little panicked and didn't recognize me when I went around down their driveway to get her. It took a few seconds to realize it was me and come racing over. She had a deer in the headlights panicked look on her face.)
  17. I've given Oreo and Zoe a swat on the bum at times for doing something bad - enough to startle them. It's more of a "get their attention and let them know I'm not liking what they're doing" than any kind of "punishment". I don't think I've ever had to do a scruff shake on either of them, though I would if they showed any kind of aggression towards the kitties or family members. When Oreo was a wee pup I would tap her on the nose for biting too hard - she quickly learned to be very gentle with those puppy teeth. Zeeke is another whole issue. Any kind of physical correction (shake or swat) just causes him to get angry in return. So with him I'm more likely to do body-blocks and such, it works much better. Hubby does do scruff shakes for his biting/growling/chasing (which only works from hubby, I don't do it!). He's a special case though.
  18. That is so true. I'm looking at B&Bs for a summer vacation and knowing they have any pets there would definitely sway my vote.
  19. I really REALLY wish we had gotten Zeeke as a pup - I think it would have been much easier to train him to leave the cats alone. I know no dog is too old, but at 86lbs and with an attitude of the same size he is extremely difficult to dissuade from doing something he is obsessed with doing. Unfortunately we just manage the situation, we never really fixed it - one cat avoids him in the cat-safe room (baby gate), the other one ignores him until he gets bored. But he will chase either if they run. He doesn't hurt them, though - he doesn't even grab them, he actually JABS them with his nose (mouth closed). He just likes to get a rise out of them, I think. In three years he's never actually hurt either cat, though he himself has gotten a few scratches. And yes, going after each other is what would cause me to get physical. I'm not above a few good swats for big bad behaviors.
  20. What painted_ponies said - Zeeke has a fold-down wire crate as well, and it's been very secure for him. We also have stuff piled on top of the crate... it isn't going anywhere. It snaps together very securely. He used to freak out in his crate the first year, never had a problem. I don't think I'd trust him in any other kind of crate. As for it being portable, however.... it's VERY heavy and awkward. EVen though it does fold down, it's not something I would want to be lugging around. Granted his is the "huge" size, but still. Even Zoe's is heavy. For travelling I'd want something fabric or plastic.
  21. That's great! I knew that show was wrong. Our dogs are all far too smart.
  22. Thanks so much for your work, Eileen! I think this will be a great change!
  23. Jeez. Some "trainer". What an a$$!!! Glad you stuck to your guns and are moving to someone else.
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