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  1. We use a baby-gate. Zeeke is so tall, and he loves getting into stuff, so we keep him out of the kitchen. (And he's always crated when we aren't around.) So basically he never gets the opportunity to do it anymore.
  2. I've been known to give Zoe a little pat on the rump when I'm seriously annoyed about something... though with her it's really more of a pat than anything, just a tap gets her attention. I think it's more because I loose my temper than what I think I should be doing though! All my fault. And yes, you have to be very careful about the dog's temperment. With a BC I would definitely try to be patient. If you ever were to smack Zoe she'd freak out. If you even *scold* Zoe too harshly she goes into shut-down mode, thus defeating the entire purpose (as she learns absolutely NOTHING when she's in shut-down mode). IF there were extenuating circumstances - like if one of the dogs was hurting one of the cats, for example - you'd bet I'd be wading in there doing whatever necessary, physical or not, to get their attention and get them off the cat. However that has never happened and I doubt it ever will.
  3. Oh yes. *sigh* The electronics eaters. Zeeke ate 3 - 3! - remote controls for our TV (before we got him a crate). Zoe chewed my laptop cord I think 4 times. I'm just very glad those aren't *too* expensive to replace. No cell phones, thankfully.
  4. Oh gosh, our shepherd LOVES paper and cardboard. Cardboard he mostly just rips into tiny pieces, but paper items of any sort are eaten immediately. Never figured it out.
  5. No. Zoe is confused when I make strange sounds and tries to play with me. Oreo would put up with my tearful hugs, but then escape soon as possible. Zeeke more or less ignores me.
  6. Yeah, definitely far safer in this house. Zeeke would choke on something if he weren't crated... or get violently ill. (The reason we started crating him in the first place... he ate our couch.) If I leave Zoe loose she sleeps on the bed (which hubby hates). In fact, even when I'm home all day working, with the crate door open, she often spends the entire day in her crate!
  7. Oh dear! The poor, embarassed thing! (and that tooth! ) Oreo only ran into something once... she was looking behind her at something and ran straight into the post of our trampoline. Bounced off it and then slunk off as if WE'D done it to her.
  8. Yeah, sounds like very good control! Oreo likes to chase cats on her property. However, she usually thinks they're squirrels until she gets closer. ("Oh, it's a cat. Shoot.") But she still chases them. Scared my dad's cat pretty bad a few times... she thought he was a squirrel, he thought she was going to eat him. And they lived together for 12 years. Oy. (Idiots.)
  9. Our dogs are crated some days from 7:30am until 5:00pm. There have been rare occassions where an emergency happens and we don't get home on time... they are always fine (though we always feel terrible). I don't know if I'd leave them that long if Zoe were younger still, but we slowly worked up to it with me working more hours outside the home... the dogs seem just fine. We just really try to run them around once we get home.
  10. Hooboy. Sounds like a fun time. Since those kittens were hers... yeah, I'm not too surprized. We recently had a mama cat in our sanctuary that went freaking NUTS. Once the kittens were gone she's a fine and dandy cat, but she was a seriously peeved off kitty when her kittens were there. (Just to check the kittens out we had to trap her in a crate.) And yeah... an angry cat is freaking scary. I've gotten bit by a 90lb dog before, and I got the snot beat out of me by a cat. I don't know which one I'd pick if I had to. The cat (my own cat, btw) really did a number on my leg. They're vicious little creatures. I'm glad your dog is okay!! Sorry the owner of the cat is an irresponsible moron.
  11. Oh no, poor Poppy! I hope it's nothing serious!
  12. I get busy and don't check in a while and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. Chaos, people. Chaos! Woo, oh poor Woo. I think I would have had bad words to say had those people called me up after dumping their dog off. Idiots. I don't even have much to say about the original topic of this thread. I feel like I ought to have a different reaction, but I found it quite hilarious.
  13. Personally I'd definitely jump on the behavior. I'm with you, there is NO growling allowed towards the cats - because of the size difference we just have to be more careful than ever. I would hate for a snap to unintentionally hurt a cat. Unfortunately, like the other girls have said, there's really right now no way to know why Riven did it... grumpy day? So while I don't think it's at all acceptable, I wouldn't really worry that this would change her behavior towards you guys or other humans. (And PS, I have to keep my cat Merlin away from Zoe's crate while she's eating, because she will just sit back and let him eat the whole dang meal. And she's possessive about her food with Zeeke - but never me or the cats? Oreo would very casually body-check any cat that tried getting into her bowl. No looking at them, no growling, no snarling... just stepping sideways and squashing the cat against the wall very very innocently. I thought that was rather amusing.)
  14. Shit, you had me ready to cry that something happened to RD!!!!! Evil evil evil!!! I am very sorry for Woo's loss though.
  15. Well, Science Diet isn't really a very good food. Just had to point that out. As for picky eaters... my BCs aren't at all, both Oreo and Zoe love food. Zeeke is our GSD and he's not necessarily picky... but he doesn't really care to eat much either. What we do is put him in his crate to eat and leave him alone. He won't eat if there's something more interesting going on. We don't add anything to his food, he will eventually eat it all. If she's not eating all her food it might be you're giving her too much... Zoe's 30lbs fully grown and I only give her a cup a day. Oreo doesn't get much more than that either. (Though both WOULD eat as much as a GSD if they were allowed to!!)
  16. I named Oreo because she was black with a white ring around her collar... just like the cookie.
  17. Oh man, I missed the voting. I'm partial to the name Zoe. But too many gets confusing, so Flora is good!!
  18. Oh this certainly isn't a new issue, but it's getting very high on my list of irritating things. So Zeeke's always been a barker. We're still working on training him. We know what to do, we just need to be more consistent. The problem is that ZOE has picked it up from him and now sets HIM off. We finally get him under control and she starts sounding the alarm. Thing is she doesn't actually outright bark very often. She will if she feels she has to get Zeeke's attention (pointing out to big brother that HE needs to take care of something), but even after I step in and get them away from the window... even if I put her in a down, or a sit, or spray them with water (works like a charm for Zeeke), she still sits there growling under her breath. And I can't get her to stop it! I grab her muzzle (lightly) and say firmly, "NO. STOP." every time she gives a "Grrrrr!" But she just keeps right on doing it. It's like I need to so something more to get my point across.... but she's a skittish dog so if you do TOO much she goes into shut-down mode and won't respond to anything at all - and next time she does the same darn thing again. I really need to get her to stop with the muttering and growling because it's making it doubly hard to get his barking under control. (Because his bark is the one that could wake the entire neighborhood. If it was just her I probably wouldn't really care if she did it.) (And yes, she is really into her terrible twos. She's finally an adult and mommy's not quite so important anymore. Mommy who?)
  19. Yup. I rarely rarely ever need to groom Zoe - I mean, she could probably use more grooming, but her fur always looks fine. Until the past couple of weeks. Ohhhhh it is alllll coming out. Big clumps of white undercoat. Oyoy!
  20. Oh what a cutie!!! Vicious, indeed..... probably just a normal puppy attitude and the woman didn't have a clue! I love all the names you've gone through, lol. That vid sure made me miss the puppy days. I wish I could get another.
  21. Oreo (mix, mostly BC) has always been lazy as heck. She does greatly enjoy her trips to the park (where we walk around the perimeter and she sniffs everything) and she always runs a lap of my parents' yard to check for squirrels, but given a choice I usually find her asleep somewhere. She's always been like that. Zoe, who could even be purebred BC, not sure, is very spunky, very active.... but has a very good off-switch. When playing she's nuts, full out running, growling, "beating up" the cat, throwing toys around, etc.... but if I'm sitting down she's usually laying down at my feet somewhere. Like right now. She HAS the energy... she just knows when to shut it off. (And she's always been like that, when she was a pup she'd fall asleep more though.)
  22. Here I think it's something in the range of $5-$15 per dog... low end if it's altered, high end if it's not. I really don't know what the benefits of licensing is, or really why they even do it, it's not like it's enforced anywhere? I would seriously get my pants in a bunch if they told me I had to annually vaccinate my dog for rabies. I'll go with the vet's recommendation on that one, thanks - they have a 3 year vaccine that is good for 3 years, and no beaurocrat is going to tell me otherwise!
  23. Oreo has constantly changing airplane ears. I shot a sequence one summer. Up and forward. "I heard SQUIRREL!" Up and to the side. Relaxed. Anndddd back. It's really rare to catch her with ears full-forward like that first photo, but it does happen once in a while... usually involving squirrels. Her ears are usually to the side listening or back when she's relaxed.
  24. Oh my goodness... that must have been just aweful. I'm so glad he's on the mend now. Poor Solo.
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