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  1. Oh gosh, Zoe's butt looks like it's been stuffed with cotton.... ton of little poofs of undercoat sticking out. I really need to give her a good grooming... which is funny because she rarely ever needs any coat care. But yikes. Shedding galore right now.
  2. My DH does this! We do close all doors to rooms and the kitchen (where the cats are) is babygated off. But you'd be surprized how much they still manage to get into. I never let them out of my sight... if I'm in a room, so are they. But DH just sits at his desk and lets them roam the living room. So I always come home to some kind of destruction. And he still doesn't get it. You just can't let Zeeke out of sight... ever! Arg!
  3. Yay for that kitten finding a home! People like that "cat lady".... uggghhhhh. Talk about making a bad situation worse! Poor Riven. I too would withold food for a day, then start something bland until things settled. The joys!
  4. Oh yes... the lovely aroma. Zoe does that in her crate when she's really scared (like when we bring home a new appliance or something equally terrifying). Unfortunately, the crate is in our bedroom. Yum? Luckily it only happens every few months...
  5. As much as we knew/know that Zeeke does prefer soft beds to lay on (he had these huge callouses on his elbows when we got him, it seemed pretty clear that he'd never had soft beds to lay on - ouch!), until he stopped chewing them he had none in his crate. :/ Probably not the answer you were looking for, but we too got sick of coming home to a nice bed ripped apart! It took a while - maybe a year? - for him to outgrow that particular obsession. His was probably due to seperation anxiety - not sure what Ido's is. (And why is it always the dog with IBS issues that likes to eat random things? Zeeke has the touchiest stomach, but he insists on eating weird crap.)
  6. Oh my does that ever sound like Zeeke, our shepherd. We adopted him at 1 year old and we went about a month or two without a crate (due to DH's insistence). Combine major separation anxiety, rebellious teenager, and an inability to "shut off" and you get a totally destroyed home. Been there done that. It was a disaster. We too lost a couch, he ripped it right down to the bare wood. That was about the time that hubby started thinking that maybe a crate wasn't such a bad idea. 3 years later, we have lost very little of the rest of our belongings to him. No more separation anxiety. He TRIES to eat random things around the house, but we are always here to redirect/stop him, if he is loose. And MOST OF ALL he has learned when to cool it. I can't stress that part enough. The dog came without an off switch, and it sounds like your little dear doesn't have one at the moment either.... it's always gogogo and when you aren't participating, then they will find something ELSE to do. (Usually that is Very Bad.) It did NOT happen overnight, let me tell you. He loved his crate from day 1 - but he hated being LEFT in it. He would bark for hours. Presumably his destructive behavior was allowed before we got him, and we had inadvertently allowed it to continue after we got him. He had us trained really well. But I was at my wit's end, and it did take several weeks of allowing him to bark incessantly in his crate for hours on end. (It SUCKED, but we couldn't very well let him out when he was acting like that.) And slowly, over time, he realized that being pushy and loud and destructive wasn't going to work so he might as well take a nap in there. He still loves his crate. If he has access to the bedroom, he's frequently to be found sleeping in his crate with the door open. But now we have a way to tell him to take a breather. If he's harassing the cat, barking out the window, or being pushy-demanding wanting to play after a play session, he goes in his crate and he immediately settles. My husband just cannot say enough good things about the crate, and he was one of THE most vocal anti-crate people I'd ever met... it was jail, it was cruel, etc etc. Now he tells all his dog-owner friends how great it is and how everyone should have one. We did have hopes that he'd be able to one day "grow up" and not need to be crated while we're out. He's 4 and we're still waiting. It hasn't happened yet. When left unattended he still goes looking for something to get into to amuse himself, and it usually doesn't involve happily chewing on a kong. I really think you'll find the crate beneficial in so many ways. I wish you luck!
  7. Yay, that's great news! I'm glad things went so well and that they're going to find you guys the perfect dog!
  8. Yeah, I usually talk directly to the kids. With Oreo it was pretty important to let kids know the correct way to approach her, NOT to run up and/or grab at her, etc. And the kids were always happy to oblige. The parents never seemed to care that I was telling their kid what to do. I agree that the stupid comes in all forms. The worst one I ever had was not a kid, but one of my mother's adult extended relatives who was visiting our home. He - for some reason assuming Oreo is smallish and cute and therefore must be sweet and cuddly - gave her a great big bear hug. He's damn lucky we were sitting right there and were able to pull her away before she bit him, because she was totally going to put him in his place for it. Oreo got a lot of treats that day for her restraint. And dad and I both had our mouths hanging open on that one.... what kind of adult does that with a strange dog?? Though apparently - and I wasn't there - a couple years earlier at a family reunion this relative decided to pick up my cousin's rottweiler. Apparently that didn't go very well either. What an idiot. Now that I have Zoe I *have* to step in between - for her sake, not the kid's. Strangely enough, when I tell the parents she's "not very friendly and afraid of kids" they tend to get really nervous and start barking at their kids to stay away. (Even though *I* know she'd never bite the kid - she'd be the traumatized one!)
  9. I've always wanted more than two dogs, but I'm quickly realizing here we're at our limit - mentally and financially! Do I think two dogs is great? Yes! Getting our second dog and our second cat was the best thing for our household. But you know your limit. If one is working for you right now, then stick with one. Dogs *can* be perfectly happy as the only dog. Oreo now lives with another dog, but I'll tell you I know for a fact she'd be just as happy alone. It all depends on the dog, the human(s), the household.
  10. Oh how CUTE!! I just can't believe people sometimes.... what on earth was that family thinking. Thank goodness you were the ones who walked up.
  11. Oh yikes!! I just saw this now. How scary. I'm glad the news from the vets was so positive... I hope she heals up good as new. Poor Lark.
  12. Thanks for all the responses! I really appreciate it. It is interesting how some of you let the dogs work it out (as long as it doesn't get dangerous, of course) and others don't allow any jockeying for position. I've always been more of the "let them deal with it" frame of thought... in both my and my parents' household (where they have two females, one very bitchy one, heh) it's worked really quite well. I really thought my parents were going to have problems on their hands, but go figure, Oreo keeps the other dog in line and everyone's happy. Luckily we only have issues over new bones.... very high value items. Toys and bones laying around the house don't cause any scuffles. Neither does their food bowls, which is an irritation because Zeeke will let her eat all of his food. (We have to crate them for dinnertime now, to ensure, you know, that he EATS.) I think I read sometime in the past... that a dog's pack order is not always a set thing, that they can have one order in one situation and another order in a different situation? I think that's what's happening here. In most situations Zeeke is clearly in charge, without question. But with bones and toys he seems to let her get bitchy and snarky. It's confusing for us humans in the household. Thankfully Zoe does immediately back off if I say something... all it takes is a simple "leave it". Sometimes she'll try it again, but thankfully she's very reactive to my commands. She can go from bitchy with Zeeke to "Oh I'm so sorry mommy!" in .2 seconds. My husband and I took a while to get used to Zeeke's attitude with her. He obviously loves her and regards her as a pack member, but he can be quite rough in his general "showing her who's boss." He likes to play rough. And at first we were really nervous about it, thinking he'd hurt her. But after 2 years we're very sure Zoe can stand up to herself, if needed (if he's too rough and hurts her, she lets him know). But in day to day activities it sure seems that he likes to assert himself over her. Haha, yeah, she's starting to act more like my bitchy Oreo. Guarding from me is absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE. I made that pretty clear to her yesterday. I do NOT tolerate that, and neither does DH. We already have to deal with Zeeke's guarding issues (he guarded from us from the start, when we adopted him. He is FAR better now). Yes, she's spayed and he's neutered. Thanks for the reminder about possible health issues... so far it's just been small changes, like she's pushing things a little further and a little further, nothing outright weird. I started stepping in when Zoe started stealing things from him and he was getting angry about it. Before that, because there was no issues between them, I just let them figure things out. But it's still hard to know when to step in and not. If a household has two dogs that are fighting aggressively I can certainly see that it would be a good idea for the human to step in and not allow any snarking, period. But yet in other households the dogs snark a little bit and figure it out and maintain peace that way. So it's hard to know. I guess I'll just have to keep a close eye on them. Yep, that's pretty much it. I was really surprized when he lets her take his stuff right out from under him... even past her puppy months. But yesterday was really interesting... he tried to take his bone, he stood his ground and they got into a snark over it (I stepped in and told them to cut it out, and told Zoe to leave it.) Not 30 seconds later Zeeke got up and walked off without the bone, letting her have it. I think he was making a point to her. He didn't really care if he had the bone or not, he just didn't want her TAKING it from him. I frankly don't blame him, lol.
  13. Zeeke and Zoe have been getting snippy with each other more often lately - and it's because she's pushing her boundaries. They've always had an understanding of bone ownership - if it's in their mouth/paws, it's theirs, the other one can't take it and just waits. As soon as physical touch is removed, the other dog can and will come over and get it without issue. But lately I notice Zoe is trying to TAKE things from him. In a sneaky way, but she'll kind of creep over and get right in his face and try pulling the bone out of his paws. Then when he pulls back? She throws a snit at him. (A sharp, "HEY cut it OUT!!" from me always breaks it up immediately.) She's also guarding things other than bones from him. Like the cats, and the bed. If he walks too close to the bed while she's chewing a bone on it, she growls. He, interestingly enough, ignores it and/or backs off. I've rarely ever see him push it. So what the heck is going on? She's never been a complete pushover - she lets herself be pinned down, sniffled thoroughly, even chewed on the head by him... and she just lays there limp. But if he gets too rough she has always snapped back at him to tell him to back off, and he's always respected it. It just seems like the rules are changing a little bit. I highly doubt she'll ever be the top dog - she's far too submissive for that, she depends on Zeeke to be in charge. But she's re-drawing her little personal bubble or something. She's 2 1/2 years old... maybe she's just hitting that adult stage. On a related note, after having a couple of bitchy moments at Zeeke today she tried guarding her bone from ME. I was less than impressed, to say the least. She got a quick reminder that you DO NOT DO THAT.
  14. Zeeke is both a huge attention barker and alarm barker. (Basically, he barks 99% of the time - or used to.) The alarm barking I haven't been able to do anything about, though we're trying to consistently re-direct him. The attention barking... OMG that was the worst. And I honest to god had to do what Bexie said - I crated him in another room, and then ignored him. And yes, those first days, he WOULD bark for 3 hours non-stop during the day. It. Was. Crazy. I don't think I had a lot of sanity left by the end of the week, I would call my husband literally crying (who was at work). And SOMEHOW - I can't even really define how or why - he did finally get it. Now if he starts attention barking he goes in his crate, and very very quickly (usually right away) goes quiet. (Until he hears something outside and alarm barks - but like I said, that's another whole issue.) It took a lot of persistence, but he DID learn that crate = quiet time. Sometimes we don't even have to crate him, just put him in a down for a few minutes when he's being pushy and demanding. Of course we know by now when his barking isn't "normal" - he does sometimes get sick and frantically barks and barks and barks until we figure it out and rush him outside. We forgive him for that one! So... good luck, and do NOT give in when he's being pushy, it'll just set you up for worse behaviors down the road.
  15. OMG! That's a hilarious story, but wow. Dang bird. (I knew there was a reason I didn't like birds...)
  16. OMG what a mess! When Zeeke has the runs I usually withold food for a few hours up to a day to make sure his stomach is settled (since anything I give him before then just causes MORE)... then I feed him some plain cooked rice and some ground chicken or ground beef. I honestly don't know if that has ever helped, but at that stage you want to make sure you do anything possible to help, right? LOL Just curious if he's been getting water from random sources along the way? That could cause some stomach upset, if the water is different/has something strange in it. Anyways, I'm really sorry! Those big nasty dog-is-covered messes are soooo bad.
  17. Oh Miz, I'm in tears too. I'm so sorry about everything going on and having to give up Fynne. I'm sure Debbie will take excellent care of her. I hope your move goes well.... please keep us updated.
  18. Oreo never ate veggies of any kind. If I put a green bean mixed in Zeeke's dry food bowl, I'll come back later to one green bean. He REALLY doesn't like veggies, LOL! He spits them out. Zoe on the other hand... she'll eat pretty much any veggie I give her. She loves green beans, I put them on her food sometimes to beef it up a bit (because she eats so little actual food). I added chopped up carrots the other day, she liked that too. (And then when she's done, she'll run over and eat all the veggies that Zeeke spit out and left behind.)
  19. I am so sorry for your loss. How tragic. I kept checking back, hoping there'd be good news.
  20. I am very sorry to hear of all of this... she's a beautiful girl, and very lucky to have you taking care of her and willing to do anything necessary. Poor girl. I'm glad they haven't anything *bad* so far, and I really hope the news continues to be good.
  21. I don't know if it would help with agility at all - probably not - but the only way we broke Zeeke of this habit when we got him was giving him a ball or toy to chew in his mouth. It was definitely a displacement behavior... Zeeke would get frustrated any time the leash wouldn't let him go where he wanted, or he'd be so over-the-top excited he NEEDED to chew on something. Having an appropriate chew-toy, even if he just held a ball in his mouth, redirected him. Now he's older and calmer and doesn't need anything. But MAN was that phase annoying.
  22. Zeeke, our GSD, usually slides into a down position to eat after you release him to his food. In fact, Oreo frequently ate laying down as well (and she had no food guarding issues at all, she just got tired I guess, LOL).
  23. I don't knwo why, but for years and years I've loved the name Zoe. And when I saw Zoe's puppy picture up on Petfinder I knew it was her. Well, it was down to Callisto/Callie or Zoe.... Zoe won. Zeeke got his name kind of by fluke. When DH got him we were arguing over names... DH wanted to name him Jake, because apparently all his male dogs have been named Jake. I said that was stupid, you can't keep naming all your dogs the same thing!! I wanted to name him Cody. Then someone in the shelter as we were walking out said, "He looks like a Zeke." And we sat in the car and said... you know... he really does! LOL! Oreo got her name because I was 12 years old at the time and when she was a tiny puppy she was black with a white stripe around her neck and I decided she looked like an Oreo cookie, LOL.
  24. I just logged in... goodness I am SO HAPPY to read through all these pages and find out that she came home. Losing your dog is the scariest thing.... I've only ever "lost" Zoe for all of 5 minutes in our woods and I was nearly in tears then! So YAY thank goodness she's home!!!
  25. LOL! That's too funny. Our cats will chew through any bags or boxes left laying around to get to the food within. We can ONLY use locking plastic containers, lol.
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