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  1. I had a dog with the same behaviour as Chip.Not sure what breed he was for certain but guessing now I'd have to say he was Lhasa/Border Collie X. I adopted him from my local SPCA in 1994 and the problems started.He could'nt stay alone at all,was destructive and destroyed everything going,howled enough to wake the dead,hated all dogs larger then he was which,at 10 inches high, made up most dog breeds. When I adopted him I was living a three hour drive from home taking a course.He was to be company/protection for me.The apartment I lived in had a doubtful rep but I did'nt know this until after I moved in.The first day of my course I found out that I had a dog who hated to be left alone.After I spent most of the eveing cleaning up his destruction I decided to crate him. The lady living in the next apartment informed me that he howled most of the morning.I gave her my key so she could settle him that afternoon.I came home that night to an even larger mess.She let him out of the crate when he started his howling and he tore everything apart when she left again.I lost clothes,shoes,books,and the carpet in the living room. After three days of coming home to his being crated and being taken out mid morning and after noon by the lady or her daughter,he seemed to be settling down nicely.Day four found him waiting for me,the door of the crate pulled inwards.He'd taken the door in his teeth and tugged on it until he pulled it free.After that there was no crating him and I'd spend two or three hours each night cleaning the apartment. When I finished my course I returned to my home with the dog.Stupidly figuring that once he was in my home and I was around more he'd settle down.It did'nt work that way.The problem only got worse.I also discovered that no matter how short the time he was left behind it was still too long.This after going out in the yard for five minutes and returning to see the throw pillows ripped to shreds and pieces strewn 30 feet along the length of the house to the back door. He also developed a hearing problem.If I had him outside,loose so he could have quality time with me,that would end as soon as I disappeared.If he got into the position of being unable to see me but I could see him he'd go deaf.I could call until I was blue in the face and nothing.Off he'd go on his merry way,no matter how loud or long I'd call his name.He ran off once for three days,I looked the full three days,calling and asking everyone in my area if they'd seen him before he ran up to me again.The place I located him near was an area I checked every day with no luck. The final straw for me was his bowel habits.I could deal with his going while I was away shopping.Waking up and stepping on or in something in the dark was another story though.Near the end of his time with me I was staying up until midnight and being roused at 6AM,then 5:30 AM and finally at 5AM so he could answer the call of nature.I however did'nt like the idea and would fall asleep again.Each morning at 7 AM I would wake up and spend a half hour cleaning up numerous piles and puddles before doing anything else. The happiest day for me was when he raced off,he had a thing for the tomcat down the street,and did'nt return.I found his body the next day.Did I miss him,you bet I did.In spite of his annoying habits,too me anyway,he was still a wonder dog with a very nice people oriented personality.I was glad,however,that he was no longer a worry to me.I knew that where he ended up was far better for him.I would never have passed him on to someone else as his former owners obviously had.I did return to the SPCA trying to track them down but the information they gave about moving and not being able to take him was'nt just a line.I'll never know if he was this way and they sent him there or if it developed from being tossed aside but I still wonder,even now.Sherry
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