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  1. cammie used to hate water... just like yours. But it seemed that after she had been around it alot more (we take her to a cranberry bog and theres a big lake) she got used to it and now she swims and doesnt mind baths. so hopefully after some time passes she will become more "aquanted" to water and not be so skiddish.
  2. The last couple of responses have helped me out soo much... thanks! I always became angry at Cammie for growling or barking at other dogs who came up to her, and I thought that she was to sensitive and overprotective. But now I know that BC's need their personal space... and theres nothing wrong with that. Next time a conferentation happens like this (which hopefully it wont) I will tell the owner to get his/her dog out of the way, and if that doesnt work, ill step infront of cammie. thanks again!
  3. I just read all your responses, thanks again guys for the great advice! I've noticed that she only tries to bite the other dog if shes on a leash, so I agree that she wants to be in control of the other dog. I will definatly avoid conferentation with other dogs when shes on the leash. Thanks again!
  4. Whenever I take Cammie for a walk and another dog tries to be friendly, she bears her teeth and practically jumps on the dog, growling the whole time. The other dogs are just trying to be friendly, and dont seem invasive at all. All the while, I'm right near her and it seems like shes trying to protect me for some reason. Ive come to think that because whenever I'm not around her, she just ignores the other dog. Do you guys think that shes just trying to protect me, or is it something else? I was also wondering if there was any way I could get her to get along with other dogs? Because most of my friends have dogs, and I can't even take her out with them. Thanks guys!
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