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  1. Thanks to those who have already answered us about the hip surgery! "Pip" has been on condt. glcos. for over a year already as a supplemental daily vitamin. His xray was very jolting even without any medical background. For those of you who ask about his pain level I will say he has yet to cry out while doing any activity but he has a noticable limp as the day progresses and by night he is very slow in standing up (his hind quarters) after laying down. We think we will watch him and continue to give him his Metacam and glocosamine daily and then re-xray him in about 3 months and see just how fast this condition is advancing. Surgery seems like such a lot to put him through but he so loves his walks and playtimes and swimming when he can that it feels to not help him get back to them would be just as painfull to him. Thanks again for you input and if anyone else has anything to add please do so. We want all the info we can get.
  2. We have just learned our 6 yr old male has severe displacia in one hip and the other hip is "bad" too. Our question is has anyone got any first hand information of just how difficult this procedure is on a dog, what about the recoperation time etc. Though it is expensive, our boy seems to be in otherwise perfect health. He's our first border and we assumed he would be around about 6 more years. Looking at it that way this would be a good investment if he came out of it pain free and like a dog of similar years with good hips. Is that what we can expect? Does any vet in the Chicago area do this procedure in a less intrusive way....like laser? Any info you can send our way would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help..Jim and Carol
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