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  1. Thanks Rebecca I will start just putting it down for ten minutes and make sure to keep the counters in the kitchen cleared off. She loves bread and bagels! She does like the Chicken Soup food as well but I found that it was like Chinese food for her and she wouldn't stay full for very long. The Nutro has the Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well which I really like.
  2. I have a BC mix named Jewel. I got her at the humane society in late January of this year. When she first came to me she would eat her food fast and want more. Now that she's been with me awhile and knows she's going to get food regularly, she's gone off the food I've been feeding her. It's Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. I feed my GSD the same food and he's not bored with it (knock on wood). Is there another food that she might like better that is just as good for her? Right now I've been buying kibble from the grocery store and putting a little on top of the Nutro but I'd prefer if there was a food out there that she would like to eat all the time. When she refuses to eat the Nutro kibble, she just walks around looking and begging for any human food she can get so I need to find something that will fill her up and satisfy her that's also healthy for her. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Well, I have a BC mix named Jewel that I got from the shelter and a GSD. It was really rough at first as Jewel tried her best to be Alpha dog when she first got here. I've done a lot of work with them both to get to the point we're at now. I would suggest you get a puppy if you already have a doggy that's been with you awhile. Yes, I agree that two dogs are better than one for you and for them. Titus is so much happier now that Jewel and he have gotten used to each other. Before I got her, I was his only playmate and he has a ton of energy. I was exhausted trying to exercise him. I now take them for walks separately and train them separately and together. There have been no problems with them forming their own pack. I'm definitely part of their pack but I'm also hanging out with and interacting with them all the time when I'm home. I will never have just one dog again. I think they really appreciate the company when you're not home and it makes them feel more secure too compared to dogs that are by them selves while their people are away.
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